Thursday 6 February 2014

Maggi Apple & Sage Pork Tray Bake review

You can't beat a tray bake for a simple midweek meal so I loved the idea of Apple & Sage Pork, using a Maggi seasoning sachet.

You just mix the contents of the sachet with water in a large bowl then toss in apples, onions and pork. (The pack also suggests potatoes but as I'd increased the quantity of pork from four to five chops, I thought I'd leave the potatoes out and do mash separately.)

I put the apples and onions in an ovenproof dish, placed the pork chops on top then drizzled over the rest of the seasoning mix.

It was a very nice meal but I must admit, I didn't think the seasoning sachet added that much to the dish because it was a bit bland. I couldn't really detect the sage but the sauce did produce lovely tender pork chops. It's a great idea for a midweek meal though, with or without the sachet.

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