Wednesday 28 January 2015

Kusadasi diaries : Clever Sunset Photoshoots

One of the things I read online before heading off to Kusadasi in Turkey last year was that the sunsets were rated as some of the most beautiful on the planet. Goodness knows who decided that or even how they could choose but I have to agree, they were pretty amazing.

The colours of the sun and then of the sky were quite amazing and the open air restaurant backed on to this view so we always watched the sun go down just as we tucked into dessert and before running off to the mini disco.

Every single person in the hotel had a play at getting a funny photo with the sunset at some point and it turned into a nightly game with us to get the perfect shot before the sun totally disappeared (which it does surprisingly quickly - ten minutes and it's all over).

The sun on the palm of my hand pose was the most popular.

 Or there was the two-handed variation.

 Getting the height absolutely right is actually quite difficult because you can't see the sun in the photo preview because it's too bright.

Sophie seemed to get the knack of judging exactly where to put her hand !

 But even with clever poses, it's still stunning.

We've just booked to go back to the same hotel this summer so I've been idling browsing on internet for some new ideas for clever sunset photoshoots - I think we could have great fun trying out some of these poses this year !

Found on Pinterest

Togally Blog has loads of great ideas

This one (found on Flickr) is very clever.

I've learnt that this technique is called "forced perspective" and if you google it, you'll find loads more fun ideas for getting quirky photos that look great fun to try out, with or without a sunset. Let me know if you've got any more ideas for us to play with this summer with the sunsets !

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