Friday 2 January 2015

Watmuff & Beckett BBQ Pulled Pork & Butter Bean Soup review

When we were wandering around ASDA on New Year's Day (as you do !), I spotted some tubs of Watmuff & Beckett BBQ Pulled Pork & Butter Bean Soup in the reduced-for-quick-sale chiller. It was a brand I'd never heard of but it sounded delicious and I knew it would be perfect for a quick meal after bobbing back home across the Channel today.

It has a lovely red colour and thick consistency with a rich tomatoey flavour with just a hint of chilli heat. It's the perfect winter warmer and only needs a few minutes reheating on the hob before you can tuck in. It has lots of chunks of recognisable vegetables - red peppers, onions, I think there might have been some celery (sorry, I'm guessing slightly because Madhouse Daddy threw the tubs away before I'd read the ingredients list !). I only had a couple of butter beans though and there were no chunks of pork at all, just the very wispy bits you can see in the photo so I'd have called it more of a hearty vegetable and tomato soup than a meaty one.

I was pleasantly surprised by the low calorie content - 100g only contains 42 calories so the entire 600g tub only amounts to 252 calories and that's a really filling, satisfying meal.

The website is very scant on details - there are no ingredients lists or nutritional information - and I would like to see more meat content and bigger chunks of meat, but those are the only criticisms I have for the product and the company. We'll definitely be looking out for the rest of the range - soups (Sweet Potato, Carrot & Ginger, Winter Vegetable & Red Lentil, Perfect Pea & Fresh Mint Soup) but also Risottos (Chorizo & Butternut Squash, Wild Mushroom, Lemon & Thyme, Ham Hock & Graden Pea, Brilliant Borlotti Bean & Red Wine).

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £2.70 for 600g

for more information :


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