Sunday 11 January 2015

Sunday weigh-in : So far so good

Whatever the scales say this week, I'm proud of myself. I've been eating well, coming in way under my calorie limit every day. I've been checking the canteen menu in advance and replacing my usual school dinner with a quick Slimfast shake when it sounds too high in calories. I have had the odd piece of chocolate, I didn't turn down the traditional "galette des rois" for Epiphany and I even treated myself to a genuine American Twinkie (I've always wanted to try one !) but I've balanced that out with soups, salad and healthy wraps. I've managed to fit in two Belly Blasting Walk DVD sessions (realistically that's going to be all I can manage in a week, on my Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon off without the kids) but I've also tried to get some physical activity in every day for Janathon.

I plan to keep a track of my Janathon efforts here once a week (rather than boring you by blogging every day as they suggest !) :

Saturday 3/1, day 1: Signed up and got straight off the settee, took the dogs out for a quick walk (it was raining) then did a 30 minute session with the hoover running up and down the stairs !
Sunday 4/1, day 2 : 40 minutes playing football with Pierre which mainly involved running up and down the car park without ever touching the ball
Monday 5/1, day 3: Busy day at work but walked half way to work before getting on the bus and ran up and down the stairs a lot
Tuesday 6/1, day 4: Same as Monday and went for a walk in my lunch hour
Wednesday 7/1, day 5: Belly Blasting Walk DVD (45 minutes)
Thursday 8/1, day 6: same as Monday
Friday 9/1, day 7: Belly Blasting Walk DVD (45 minutes)
Saturday 10/1, day 8: I won't make excuses, I had a slobby day !

OK, time to jump on the scales ... 87.4kg, 1kg down on last week - that'll do for me !

Positives of the week

- I've allowed myself treats but made great food choices all week

- Even eating out twice has been OK - I went for salmon salad at McDonald's and couscous with loads of vegetables rather than steak and chips in our weekly Friday restaurant meal with friends

- Two fitness DVD sessions helped bump up my step totals - 8222 steps (6km) on Sunday, 14737 steps (10km) on Monday, 12089 steps (8km) on Tuesday, 22088 steps (15km) on Wednesday, 11016 steps (7km) on Thursday, 22175 steps (15km) on Friday,  6540 steps (4km) on Saturday. That's a total of  96,867 steps (65 km) which works out as a daily average of 13838 steps (9.3km) - sounds good to me !

- I hit my step targets (13800, as set by my FitBug) three times this week. On average, I was bang on.  :)

- My badges are on the move - yay ! - from 5kg lost to 6kg lost; 12lb lost/49lb to go to 14lb lost/47lb to go

Current targets 

Last week's target : Hit my step target at least 3 times and make sure none are under 10,000. Get active every day in some shape or form and log for Janathon. Keep below calorie limit on food tracker. Any loss is a step is the right direction but 1.5kg would be fantastic. (DONE pretty much)

This week's targets : Keep active, keep eating well, keep losing ! Aim for a 1kg loss and get close to goal 2 - my pre-xmas weight of 85.9kg. Fit in 2 Belly Blasting Walk DVD sessions.

Short-term targets 21kg to lose sounds a lot but breaking it down, aiming for 1kg a week, that's only about 5 months - plenty of time for heading off to Turkey in August !

first target, get my "weight to lose" badge down into the 40's (it's currently on 51lb) (done),
 second goal - get back to 85.9kg, my pre-xmas weight
third goal : get my "kg lost" badge back into double figures 
fourth goal : get my "weight loss" badge higher than my "still to go" badge
fifth goal : get back into my (smallest) bright blue jeans comfortably
sixth goal : get back to 77kg - my lowest weight since my pregnancies

Longer-term targets :  Hit my target weight of 68kg. 

STILL TO GO : 19.3kg

Feel free to add your weightloss posts to my weekly linkie - it's great to see how everyone else has been getting on and give each other support and encouragement. You can even grab the linkie code and add it to your own blog if you like. :)

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  1. You are doing well so keep staying focused :-)

  2. It sounds like you're doing a great job. I'm feeling very positive at the moment so I'm hoping to see some results, eventually!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    1. Fab ! Feeling positive and motivated is always the hardest part so that's a great start :) Fingers crossed that 2015 is the year we all reach our goals xx

  3. You've done fantastic, so pleased for you. Good luck for another good week x

  4. I love that bird picture! You are doing fabulous and I am definitely going to have to join in again soon. Weight keeps creeping on!

    1. Weight and age - both have a tendency to just keep creeping up !! lol

  5. That's a good motto - never give up. You are doing well!

    1. Thanks - it's easy to keep motivated on the good weeks ! ;-)

  6. Sounds very active, I had envisioned you as a teacher who sat at a desk for some reason. I need a fit bit thing, I do housekeeping for a living so walk a lot pushing hoovers, trolleys, mops etc and walk what feels lie miles. Have tried a few pedometers on my phone but dont find them overly accurate, they either well over or under count.
    Would be too embarrassed to put this on my blog in case it dont work. this way I can do it for me.

    1. You can link up in the comments if you like. Blogging about it can help keep you on track though because it makes you feel accountable for what you do and eat if you know everybody will be watching ! lol :)

  7. Yey! Well done on your fantastic weight loss so far! Have a feeling 2015 will be a fantastic weight loss year! Back on Weight Watchers and running a weight loss Wednesday linky on Sim's Life if you want to join in too! Sim xx

  8. Well done! 1 kg is a super loss in one week - keep up the good work! :)

  9. January is a hard month! Everyone's exhausted from Xmas and yet we have all this pressure to suddenly get fit & eat well. So well done you for keeping on track (am I the only one missing mince pies?). I think it's all about managing to be fit & healthy despite what life throws at us - so of course you are going to need to eat out every now & then, & have days when getting to the gym seems impossible - which you are TOTALLY rocking! #weightlosswednesdays

    1. I still have a pack of mince pies to use up actually !!

  10. Sounds like you are doing great! Keep up the good work :)

  11. Well done on a great week Cheryl :) I'm still in the zone and feeling very motivated. This is going to be our year!

    1. I'm really pleased to see everyone is still so motivated and on track ... we "just" have to keep it going now ! xx

  12. You're doing so well! Go you!

  13. Well done lovely, it looks like you are definitely getting your head in the right place #Weightlosswednesday

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  15. You are doing fabulous, I need to do a post and linkup. Mich x

  16. Well done! You have been really active! And you're not that far off your second goal of pre-xmas weight!

    Thank you for linking up to #WeightLossWednesday!


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