Saturday 10 January 2015

A Sunny Kitchen Trotter Box - Destination Jamaica

Looking out of the window at the grey skies, pouring rain and howling wind this morning, I sighed with despair ... then the postie rang the doorbell and dropped off this month's Kitchen Trotter box which is a lovely breath of Caribbean air !

This month, the destination is Jamaica. Did you know that the name Jamaica comes from the Arawak word Xamaycan meaning "land of wood and water"? No, nor did I until I read the little guide at the front of the recipe booklet.

The first product made me smile - Buffalo Soldier Marley Coffee. It turns out that it's really cultivated by the Marley family - Rohan Marley, the legendary Bob Marley's son, grows this coffee with love and serenity in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Who'd have thought it ?!

The tin of Jamaican Callaloo looks very exotic and different. It's a plant that is only found in the Caribbean and is one of the key ingredients in Rastafarian cooking.

An interesting looking mix for "rhum arrangé" or infused rum - I'd never dare bring a bag like this through customs from Jamaica though !

A pot of Kingston curry powder

A jar of Sorrel Jam

and - no prizes for guessing this one ! - a bottle of Jamaican Jerk BBQ Sauce.

So, on to the all-important recipes. The starter is Callalloo Rolls - interesting !

The main meal : Jerk Chicken with Mango Salsa.

Desserts : Jamaican Rice Cup and Sorrel Totoes.

And to wash it all down, Jamaican Infused Rum.

The grey skies suddenly seem far away ! I'll be back to share the recipes over the coming weeks - but I'm still finishing off my Canadian recipes at the moment !

*** Don't miss my country-by-country globecooking recipe index ! *** I've been trying out dishes from Canada and Austria lately.


  1. I wouldn't know what to do with all the jars etc without a recipe book so it's good one is given. (Love the picture of the boat.)

    1. I love the fact that they also post extra recipes on their blog to use up the odds and ends of the spices and other ingredients that you probably wouldn't know how to use up otherwise !


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