Monday 5 January 2015

Globe-cooking recipe : Terrine de Bison (Quebec/Canada)

This is slightly cheating for a globe-cooking post because it involves no cooking at all. This was a ready to eat product from my Canadian-themed Kitchen Trotter box but I thought I'd share it anyway because it's pretty exotic.

When I told Sophie that we had a pot of Terrine de Bison or Bison Pâté to try, she recoiled in horror but, as I pointed out, it's just a big cow really ! Looking at the ingredients list, the main ingredient is "gorge de porc" or pig throat - that sounds decidedly unappetising, why didn't they just put pork ?! - followed by bison meat (25%) and chicken liver, along with milk, eggs, salt, cognac and spices.

I spread some onto some pumpkin seed Ryvita that needed using up, but it would be lovely on toast, crackers or oat cakes too.

To be perfectly honest, it tasted just the same as normal "pâté de campagne" really !

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  1. I'd give it a go but the ingredient 'pig throat' does really put me off!

    1. It does make you wonder what hiding behind "pork" on most ingredient lists !


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