Friday 30 January 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? (menu plan 30/1/15)

Back to a week of family faves and using up things in the cupboards


lunch - Breton crêpes complètes (with egg, ham and cheese, followed by sweet options) - these went down so well, the kids have asked for them again !

dinner - homemade soup and even homemade bread if I get time


lunch - traditional Sunday roast

dinner - leftovers, bagel or soup


dinner -  chicken curry and rice


dinner - prawn stir-fry with Hoisin & Garlic sauce & noodles


lunch - salmon in Laughing Cow sauce with rice and broccoli

dinner - slow cooked beef - probably bourguignon or carbonnade - with root veg mash


dinner - baked potatoes, sausages and beans


dinner - stuffed round courgettes with rice and baked tomatoes - not sure what to stuff them with - bacon and spelt? spicy chicken? Moroccan spiced mince?

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