Saturday 10 January 2015

When I'm cleaning windows ! (Kärcher review)

As a Kärcher Clean Ambassador, I've had great fun over the past 12 months, trying out a wide range of products from the brand, from their iconic pressure washer and steam cleaner to their slightly lesser known products such as the vacuum cleaner and floor polisher that we roadtested. For our final review, we'll be trialling a brand new product from Kärcher which will be launched later in the year, a Steam Stick, which sounds rather exciting. In the meantime, you may remember I reviewed their Window Vac a few months ago. It's an effective and also fun tool for cleaning the windows or sucking up spills and my mum and dad use theirs on a pretty much daily basis for clearing all the condensation off the windows first thing in the morning.

Just before Christmas, they sent us through some useful accessories to make the Window Vac even an even more useful and convenient tool. First of all we received the Window Vac Hip Bag (RRP£19.99).

This holster-style bag clips around your waist so you can free up your hands while using the Window Vac. This makes it much easier and safer if you're using your Window Vac up a ladder or if you are multitasking, cleaning around the house, and want to carry other cleaning products and implements as you go. Even if you're just washing the windows, you can keep the Window Vac in your bag while you're using the spray, then swap over to finish the job.

The second product was the Kärcher Window Vac Extension Pole (RRP £29.99) which is an amazing 2m long. You don't have to use the complete length though - it is telescopic so you can adjust to the height to full or half extension. You actually get two poles in the box - the first is used with the Window Vac and the second is used with a microfibre pad (enclosed) to wash high or difficult-to-get to windows.

The pole has an attachment that you slide on the end and use to attach your Window Vac with a simple but secure clip. It's very secure so you don't need to worry about the Window Vac falling out when you use it. Due to the length of the pole when extended to full length, it is quite wobbly and difficult to manouever the first few times but you soon get used to it. Madhouse Daddy didn't seem to have any trouble so maybe it's just me being a wimp !

It's been so cold, wet and windy that I haven't wanted to get outside and wash all the outside windows yet but this is going to be a really handy tool when I start spring cleaning. In particular, there is one Dormer window in the loft conversion right above the stairs which I can't get to safely so it never gets cleaned. This will be a Godsend for getting to that one. I love the idea of cleaning the upstairs windows from outside without wobbling about on a ladder too. I usually end up on a stepladder inside the bedrooms, leaning out of the window to clean the outer window panes, which is a recipe for disaster ! Even for the lower windows, it will be handy because I have to do the very tops of the doors and windows on tiptoe so they never usually get done properly !

The are both useful add-ons for the Window Vac and it's great to see that Kärcher have sat down and come up with simple solutions for common problems like hard-to-reach windows or people who can't or don't want to risk climbing ladders.

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. I love my window vac, never seen it with a pole before though, I guess it would be handy for short people like me.

  2. Great review! The extension pole looks very smart and easy to use.

  3. im a big fan of the pressure washer, this looks great too

  4. Pam Francis Gregory11 January 2015 at 17:38

    Great review - love the look of this - It would make one of my least favourite jobs so much easier

  5. I wouldn't mind one of these. Our windows are hard to reach, even the downstairs ones.


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