Sunday 18 January 2015

Kids app review : Mister Maker – Let’s Make It! ‘Around the World’ add-on pack

You may remember, just over a year ago, we reviewed the fab Mister Maker - Let's Make It! app (click through to read our review of the original app) that was a great hit with all of the Madhouse kids. The app allows you to get creative using many features from the show, including the Doodle Drawers, Minute Makes, Frame It, The Shapes and Tocky. Pierre and Juliette in particular loved the nature and underwater world-themed Minute Makes (and I love the fact that digital glitter and gloopy glue are so much easier to clean up than the real stuff !)

A brand new add-on pack has just been released that means young players can now enjoy even more Mister Maker fun with a brand new collection of craft materials and images, based on an ‘Around the World’ theme. The first two countries are the UK and Australia so the extra materials include iconic UK imagery such as red buses, black cabs, raindrops and chips, while kangaroos, boomerangs and cork hats will give fans a chance to get creative Aussie-style. 

With this add-on pack (which only costs 69p), the Doodle Drawers are stocked up with 100 extra items (patterns, papers, things to glue, funny faces, bits & pieces and stickers) and there are 20 new Minute Makes, focusing on London and Ayer's Rock. I'm paranoid about the kids accidentally costing us a fortune on the iPads so we've switched off the option to buy apps or make in-app purchases, but the Mister Maker app uses a responsible In-App Purchase facility so that it is only available to buy with parental consent and it is available for a one-time purchase basis only with no subscriptions or reoccurring charges of any kind. 

The Madhouse kids have loved rediscovering the app and we also received some additional Mister Maker goodies to get creative with - Pierre can even dress up as Mister Maker while we watch the DVD or read the book and try out some of the projects !

Visit and for more information.

Disclosure : We received some Mister Maker goodies and the opportunity to try out the new add-on pack and app.


  1. looks great, my kids love mister maker

  2. My youngest loves Mr Maker I think this would be great for him.

  3. This app looks great, I'm sure my youngest would love it. I may have to download it to her tablet :)


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