Saturday 3 January 2015

Talking 'bout a (New Year's) resolution !

As the great Tracy Chapman once sang, "Don't you know, Talking 'bout a resolution, It sounds like a whisper". Well, OK, she was actually talking about a revolution, but new year's resolutions are similar. You get into January and set all these unrealistic targets then feel bad when you don't manage them. When I flicked through my new Dodo Pad diary, I couldn't help but snigger at their cheeky take on New Year's resolutions. Yes, that just about covers it !

I do like to set myself targets though, in a bucket list kind of way - in other words, they are things to strive for but if I don't achieve all/any of them by December 31st, well, I can just stick them back on next year's New Year's resolution list and try again !

OK, here goes then - here are my 2015 New Year's resolutions (or challenges - it sounds better !) ;

1. Lose weight (again) ! Hmm last year it didn't really happen ... or the year before ... third time lucky ?! No more excuses. Food tracking and portion control is the way to go. I'll kick off the weekly weigh-ins tomorrow again.

2. Get more active. I already stunned myself by discovering how far I walk day-to-day with my FitBug Orb but now I need to up the ante. The Wii Fit needs dusting off, as do the various fitness DVDs that I've received to review in the past, and I still have a vague notion of trying out the Couch to 5k running programme this year (although looking out of the window at the pouring rain is not helping with motivation so that might have to wait until the spring!). I quite liked the idea of signing up for Janathon, which encourages you to get active every day in January, then I wimped out because I thought it would be too hardcore. Having seen the first blog posts coming through with bed sit-ups and penguin prance dressing gown dashes, I've decided to join in the fun though !

2. Dejunk the house. Flylady is a great way of doing this and getting the kids involved, making it into a game. I think I'll sign up for the daily emails with 15-minute challenges that everyone can help with. The kids (and me too !) always love the idea of just doing chores for 15 minutes and it really does make a difference if it's done every day.

3. Sign up for the Good Reads challenge to read 52 books in 2015. I've managed it for the past two years (61 in 2013, 56 in 2014) so let's see if I can turn that into a hat trick !

4. Clear out my food cupboards. Look up recipes for using up the leftovers of exotic ingredients from my globe-cooking boxes, rummge right to the back to see what is lurking and give away anything that is not to our tastes and won't get used. I also have all those Betty Crocker mixes and American groceries to work through over the coming months.

5. Declutter my beauty products. I know I have more samples and half-used products than I would ever need so a good clear-out is called for. Regular pamper sessions with Sophie are going to be the easiest way to use things up and make some space in the bathroom !

What about you? Have you made any new resolutions this year?


  1. Pam Francis Gregory3 January 2015 at 17:40

    Some great resolutions there!

  2. Oh they're great resolutions indeed - and many of them are ringing true for me as well! Especially the weight loss one ... lost a stone last year then gave up. Kept it off though so just three more to go ...

  3. ooh well done, keeping it off is the hardest part so you've done brilliantly :)

  4. I need to declutter and clear up my kitchen shelves too, but I don't undertake any resolutions, will be just going with the flow. :)

    1. Probably a good idea, then you can't fail ! - mine are challenges rather than serious resolutions though so I won't feel bad if I don't achieve them !

  5. Happy new year & thanks for linking up! These are great resolutions although very challenging indeed! Janathon sounds great fun, i'm looking forward to your link up post next month to see what fun things you've been up to to encourage your weight loss goal. Good luck x


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