Sunday 25 January 2015

Shake Up Your Wake Up with Nestlé Cereals #BreakfastWeek

National Breakfast Week is kicking off tomorrow so to celebrate, Nestlé Cereals invited The Madhouse to Shake Up their Wake Up by mixing up our breakfast cereals and giving our concoction a name. The Madhouse kids actually do this all the time anyway, adding a handful out of each box so that they can eat all of their favourites at once, but Nestlé sent us through a lovely selection of cereals to help increase our ingredient options.

We received some Shredded Wheat, Shreddies, Cheerios, Curiously Cinnamon and Cookie Crisp. Having received a similar selection last year for a food art challenge, the Madhouse kids immediately got excited about getting creative again. You may remember last time, we made ice cream cone pictures, Cheerios Frankenstein monsters and Shredded Wheat nests

I let them have a quick play and they came up with this butterfly creation made with Shredded Wheat topped with Shreddies and Curiously Cinnamon.

The challenge this time, though, was simply a case of combing their favourite cereals.

They decided their favourite mix was Curiously Cinnamon and Shreddies because, they explained, they are the same size and shape so they go soggy at the same time. Very scientific ! They decided to name this combination Squares Pairs. The girls like to eat theirs with cold milk but Pierre has recently started eating yogurt - Greek or fruity, he's not fussy ! - with his cereal.

Do you mix up your cereals? If so, what's your favourite combination?

Disclosure : We received a selection of Nestlé cereals.

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