Tuesday 7 October 2014

Kiddie Kitchen Fun : Shredded Wheat Nests

You may have seen my blogpost at the weekend for Breakfast Ice-Creams - healthier-than-they-sound ice cream shapes made with cereal and banana slices. For our second foray into the creative fun you can have with cereals, I went for an old classic but the Madhouse kids were hugely impressed because we'd never tried them before.

I grabbed a box of Shredded Wheat which, for me, could only become one thing ...

Chocolate Nests.

Pierre was given the job of breaking apart the Shredded Wheat.

While Juliette broke up a bar of chocolate.

After melting the chocolate in the microwave, we mixed it into the broken Shredded Wheat.

Then pressed them into a silicon muffin tray that I'd sprayed with cake release spray, using a tablespoon to create a hollow.

After an hour in the fridge, they were ready to be taken out of the moulds and filled with Mini Eggs. 

You can tell from his face how cool Pierre thought these were and they're so quick and simple to make. Definitely too good to save for Easter !

Disclosure : I received a selection of Nestlé Crereals to get creative with.

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