Wednesday 15 October 2014

Our Freddo Frog Loom Bands Crafting Session

We love Freddo Frogs here at The Madhouse. The kids love the creamy chocolatey taste and the fun froggie shape, and, as a grown-up, I love the fact that it's treat-sized and won't ruin their appetite for dinner.

We were delighted to be sent a Freddo Frog themed craft kit to get busy with.

The first job was colouring in the Freddo picture on the board and sticking on pieces of coloured felt to give extra texture.

The next job was making loom bands - loads of them ! As you can see from the picture, Juliette is a loom band fan and was already wearing some rainbow loom band earrings that she had made !

Now the next bit surprised me but it actually worked a lot better than I expected. You need to bend the loom bands into the right shape and glue them on the board to make a 3d effect.

There was a white glue glue-pen in the box and my initial thought was "that will never hold" but it did !

Once the glue has dried, it goes transparent and you can push the loom bands closer together to fill in any gaps. It's not finished yet but it's already looking good. This is actually a really good idea for recycling (or upcycling) loom bands because, let's face it, there are only so many loom bands that you can wear !

Disclosure : We received a craft kit and some Freddo Frogs.

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