Monday 5 January 2015

A Little Rhyme, About Our Festive Crafting Time ! #ShowUsYourMess

A few weeks ago, Bosch emailed to ask
If we'd like to take part in a fun blogging task.
"Ooh yes, bring it on!" we happily cried
Then waited until the postie arrived. 
He delivered a kit to make Christmas crackers
The Madhouse kids were straight in, they're certainly no slackers !

They got stuck right in with the cutting and gluing
No need for instructions, they knew what they were doing

There was folding and ripping and cutting off ends
No squabbling at all, they're the best crafting friends !
The shiny papers and ribbons looked great
But they wanted to make them look even more ornate.

Off to the crafts cupboard to see what they can find
"Let's cover the table in glitter and stickers, Mum won't mind!"

With glittery fingers, they giggled with glee
The only one looking not quite so convinced was me !

They did a fab job, I have to confess
The only small downside was the mess
The carpet was sprinkled with paper in shreds
And - aaagghh - spilt glitter that every parent dreads ! 
But luckily with Bosch I don't need to fret
They're giving away a vacuum cleaner, the Bosch Athlet
It's bagless and cordless so gets in nooks and crannies
It makes crafting so clean we can even do it at Nanny's !

Disclosure : This is our entry for the Bosch #ShowUsYourMess crafting challenge. We received a crafting kit to take part.


  1. It's the mess that puts me off, especially the glitter. I will still be finding last years glitter next Christmas!

    1. Glitter is a total nightmare ... and those cards that people send with a million bits of confetti inside that leap out when you open it !


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