Sunday 27 April 2014

LeapFrog LeapReader Book Club Book of the Month : Interactive World Map

LeapFrog has recently introduced a LeapReader Book Club on Facebook and we were delighted to be invited to join in as one of the mum-testers on their panel. The Book of the Month for May is the LeapReader Interactive World Map so we were very excited to receive a LeapReader as well as the World Map book to discover.

We've had a busy weekend with our geocaching adventures, so we've only had quite a short time to play so far but we're already loving what we've seen. I'll report back when we've discovered all of the functionalities because I'm sure we've only scraped the surface.

Basically, what we have discovered already is that the LeapFrog LeapReader is a child-friendly but educational system that uses a talking pen, along with a constantly growing collection of books, that helps your child learn to read but also write by teaching reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening skills, as well as writing and letter forms. It targets little learners aged 4-8 who are just starting to learn to read or who are already well on the way but need practice and a little confidence boost. 

The LeapReader recognises words on the page so it can say them to your child if they get stuck when reading alone, or it can read the story to your child as an audiobook. The reading comprehension is in the form of little games, with the pen asking you to click on things in the pictures to answer questions. It's all a lot of fun and will seem more like playing than learning for your child. The pen can be recharged via a USB cable (no need for batteries - yay !) and each time you buy a new book, you have to download the additional content to the LeapReader from internet.

The Interactive World Map is fantastic for slightly older children. We've visited a few different countries as a family already (Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey so far) and, as we're a dual-nationality French-English family, the kids are very aware of other cultures and countries so they love the opportunity to improve their geographical skills and learn more about the world at large. As well as identifying countries and continents, the World Map introduces famous landscapes and even teaches you how to say hello in different languages. I must be honest, I've even been having a bit of a play myself and I've learnt a few things too !

This was our first introduction to the LeapReader and we love it so far. We'll definitely be having a look through the collection of books on offer to see what else appeals to the kids - they've already spotted lots of titles featuring their favourite Disney characters that they would love to get next.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £39.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. that looks amazing, I would have loved that when I was little


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