Tuesday 14 August 2012

ATTENTION!!! Fund-raising Breast Cancer Boot Camp

Last week, I shared some excuse-busting advice from New You Boot Camp to help get you (and me !) back on the fitness bandwagon. The lovely ladies behind the programme asked if I'd share details of their Breast Cancer Awareness Fitness Day where every penny will go to breast cancer charities. Now if THAT doesn't sound like great motivation for biting the bullet and signing up, I don't know what does !! Read on for more information :


By joining us for our Breast Cancer Awareness Fitness Day you could be reducing your risk of Breast Cancer by 20%.

New You Boot Camp, Europe’s leading weight loss and fitness boot camp will be supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by organising a fun fitness boot camp day in Richmond Park, London on October 13th, with all profits going to Breast Cancer Charities.

Just so we are clear, every single penny will be going to Breast Cancer Charities. Not a certain percentage.

To help us raise awareness and funds we are asking people to unleash their inner pink by wearing an item of pink and join us on Saturday 13th October in Richmond Park for a boot camp fitness day.

You will also find our TOUGH military trainers wearing PINK for the day to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

All those that join us to unleash their inner pink will experience 6 hours of exercise & training by our world class military trainers. That’s more exercise in one day than most people do in one week. So get involved as not only are you getting your weeks worth of exercise out of the way, whilst being in the knowledge that you will contributing to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
At New You Boot Camp we are dedicated to helping you get on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Regular exercise not only helps increase fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility, but studies also reveal that with as little as four hours of exercise a week, women can reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by 20%. This is believed to be because exercise lowers a woman's ongoing exposure to estrogen, which is believed to contribute to cancer growth.

Sunny Moran, Co Founder of New You Boot Camp, says : “By joining us at one of our Breast Cancer Awareness Fitness Days in October it’s a chance to have fun, get fit and make a real difference.”

The day starts from 10am - 5pm with a break for lunch at 1. So you get 6 hours of training for £45. That’s less than what you would pay for two hours with a personal trainer.

Normal price is £75. To get Breast Cancer Awareness discounted offer of £45 say Code Pink at the point of booking.

New You Boot Camp T-shirts for the day can be ordered from head-office at from £13.99 pp

For more information or to book on to the New You Boot Camp Fitness Days in October please contact the New You Boot Camp office on Tel: 0871 223 0066 email sunny@newyoubootcamp.com or visit www.newyoubootcamp.com

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  1. What a great reason to get up and do something!

  2. These are such a great idea, so many people experience such tragedy, and these runs are such a positive way for people to try and give back and also come to terms with the loss and helps with the grieving process.

  3. This is a great way to raise money for a cause near and dear to me. My aunt, who served in the military, lost her battle with breast cancer 4 years ago.

    1. Aww sorry to hear that. :( If she was in the military, I bet the boot camp aspect would have appealed to her too :)


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