Saturday 18 August 2012

Easy Bean Spanish Puchero & Indian Sambar Dhal review

Today was the start of a heatwave in France with temperatures soaring to 35°. It was also the day that we had an 8 hour drive from the in laws' house in Brittany back up to Dunkirk so by the time we arrived home (knowing that I had to unpack and repack for heading to England tomorrow - no rest for the wicked !), I just wanted something simple and quick for dinner. With a flash of inspiration, I remembered that we had a couple of Easy Bean one pot dinners waiting for us in the freezer so I pulled them out to defrost.

You may remember that I reviewed Easy Bean meals last year (click here to read that review) when I tried out their French Cuisinées and Moroccan Tagine. This time, they sent me through Spanish Puchero & Indian Sambar Dhal to review, both of which are improved recipes. In addition, the Puchero now has Fairtrade status so they have three Fairtrade pots altogether, with the aim being for them all to be Fairtrade eventually.

Easy Bean explain : "A Puchero is a hearty, sustaining hotpot eaten across Spain and South America and is named after the bulbous earthenware pot in which it was traditionally cooked.  The award-winning Spanish Puchero – Fairtrade white beans with Riojan chorizo, sweet red pepper and rich smoky pimentón - is the perfect standalone choice for lunch or, equally, will taste delicious served with crusty bread or rice for a more substantial evening meal."

I thought the chorizo might make this quite fiery but it is more smoky than spicy with just a delicate amount of heat. The robust flavours, meaty chunks and slightly firm al dente beans that retain a lovely crunch make this into a really satisfying, warming meal. It tastes really authentic, which is probably explained by the fact that it is made with artisan chorizo made to a traditional Riojan recipe and Trealy Farm air dried ham. One pot contains 2 veg portions so you'll be well on the way to your 5-a-day and only 266 calories for the whole 320g pot.

The Indian Sambar Dhal is a mildly spiced, vegetable curry that originates in Southern India. It contains cauliflower, green beans and spinach, simmered with tamarind, coconut and mustard seed. Easy Bean describe this as the ultimate comfort food and they're not wrong. This can be eaten on its own, with rice or crusty bread or - if you're a bit of a carnivore who can't bear to eat a vegetarian meal - would also make a great accompaniment to meat.

A 320g pot contains 237 calories and 2 veg portions, making it a perfect healthy lunch to take to work.

If you want to try out the One Pot Meals, Easy Bean have some 50p off vouchers (to be used by 30th September) that they will send to you if you email

star rating : 5/5

RRP : vegetarian pots, £3.35, meat pots, £3.49

Disclosure : I received two Easy Bean One Pot Meals in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Added to my shopping list for next week, look very nice indeed & I'm always after quick meals when busy.

  2. Looks delicious! Love things like this like the innocent snack pots but they're usually so expensive. hopefully these are better value


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