Thursday 2 August 2012

Kids' DVD review : I Love My JCB

Now that the school holidays have started, I was hoping we'd be spending all our days outside in the sun, playing at the park and having picnics. The weather has other ideas though, so we've been doing lots of colouring and watching DVDs so far !

It was perfect timing for us to receive the new I Love My JCB DVD to review. Pierre already plays with the My 1st JCB iPad app and has his very own Britains JCB toy to play with in his bedroom, so he was instantly attracted to the cute JCBs with faces.

The DVD offers two new episodes :

Diggers are an essential part of a working farm and Jacey, Bea and  Big Daddy learn all there is to know as they follow farmer Mark through a hard working day on the farm. No job is too dirty or too  hard as Mark talks us through looking after the cows and getting  the fields ready for crops. A unique glimpse into JCBs at work!!

Join Jacey, Bea and Big Daddy as they visit the Anglesey show in North Wales. They enjoy the all the fun of the Fair but really they are there to see the world famous Dancing Diggers. Not  only to see them get ready for the show but also to listen to their  team leader Matt as he guides the Diggers through both the rehearsals and the Big Event. See the Dancing Diggers as you’ve never seen them before!!

Pierre was fascinated by the adventures of Jacey, his big sister Bea and their dad Big Daddy. The thing that impressed him the most was the footage of real-life JCBs, especially when they dance ! Seeing the machinery at work is actually quite interesting for grown-ups to watch too, so I didn't mind settling down next to him on the settee to watch it from start to finish with him.

I noticed on the box that this is volume 3, so we'll have to look out for the other two DVDs now to complete the collection.

If you have your own little JCB fan, watch this space as there is a giveaway coming right up here on my blog where you can win 3 copies of the DVD.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £9.99

release date : 9th July 2012

Disclosure : We received a review copy of the DVD.

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  1. My son would absolutely love this!

  2. I haven't seen these JCB DVDs before so like you I will be looking out for them. We currently have contractors working in the field opposite our house so little man is really content at the moment looking out of the window watching them on their machines - trouble is it keeps him quiet but its a hard job dragging him away. He would love these for when the real life diggers leave

  3. oooooh not seen this! other half works at jcb so my eldest will love it!!!!!!!!

  4. We was walking to the local shops last week & my Munchkin spotted the diggers & the like that are working on the new housing development near us, we had to stand there until they went on a break, he was enthralled by them. We did our shopping & on the way back was stood there for another half & hour or so, he loved it. When we got home he went straight to his toy box & got his digger & tractor out, isn't that great. He's 22 months old & growing up so fast I want time to stop so I can enjoy him whilst he's little.

  5. My son would love this - good review!

  6. My boys loved this DVD especially the farmer Mark on his tractor and loader, they were transfixed and keep singing the "Good Job Done" song - would highly recommend and cant wait for the next Farmer Mark DVD. Fantastic!!! We love farmer Mark!!!


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