Thursday 9 August 2012

Palmolive Kitchen Handwash review

When Palmolive offered to send me through a bottle of their Kitchen Hand Wash to review, I thought "yeah, why not? It always comes in" but I wasn't expecting to be particularly blown away. It's handwash after all - how exciting can it be?!

Then I started reading the enclosed press release and I have to say, they've managed to find a unique selling point that appealed to me - it promises to get rid of garlic and onion odours than can (and often do) linger for hours or even days otherwise. Oooh definitely something to try out, as I'm forever chopping onions !

Palmolive say : "Some chef's essential ingredients include garlic, onions, fish and spices, which, while adding flavour and deliciousness to food, can taint your hands with an unpleasant smell. Palmolive's Kitchen Hand Wash is enriched with lime extract and a natural antibacterial agent, helping to banish odour-causing germs from your hands, leaving them feeling extra fresh, clean, protected and garlic free !"

In the past, I've banished garlic and onion whiffs by rinsing my hands in lemon juice before washing them, but it's much more convenient to have a hand wash that takes out the extra step. I was actually a bit disappointed to find that the handwash doesn't really smell much of anything. I was expecting a really zingy, zesty, uplifting lime fragrance. However, this near absence of perfume does clearly show that the handwash banishes odours, it doesn't just mask them.

I've tried it after handling garlic and onions and it does do exactly what it says on the label. However, I had another surprise discovery - it's also ultra-efficient at getting rid of the nasty whiffs that linger on your fingers after changing a particularly toxic nappy ! That's even more impressive than getting rid of garlic and onion smells, in my opinion !

It doesn't look particularly impressive when you're using it - it's just a totally ordinary handwash without much lather and no wow-factor in terms of fragrance - but sniffing my hands afterwards was enough to convince me that I'll be buying this again ... especially for putting in the bathroom for after night-time nappy changes, even if it IS called Kitchen Hand Wash !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.80 for 300ml

Disclosure : I received a bottle of Kitchen Hand Wash in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Another useful review. I often use Palmolive's things.

  2. This is really useful. I've used some of the Palmolive handwash range quite a lot in the past and always think they smell really nice anyway. However, I wash my hands like a maniac at the best of times but even I find it borderline impossible sometimes to remove those nasty onion & garlic smells (think garlic is slightly worse). I'll definitely be giving this a go! :)

  3. My husband would love this, he has onion in his sandwiches every day & constantly has stinky hands!

  4. Okay maybe to banish nastier smells. But I bought the green one just as a kitchen handwash and it is such a horrible smell I decided to review it!! It actually leave a smell on my hands after that I don't like me it smells like body odour! So personally I'd rather smell of garlic or onions as I prefer those smells more!!


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