Tuesday 28 August 2012

Sacla Big Bold Italian Sauce for 2 review

A few weeks ago, I reviewed two of Sacla's new products - Sacla Conchiglie Pasta and the new massive 950ml fridge pack of Italian Tomato Sauce. Well, the other products I received from the range went to the other extreme. They were small 190g jars of Big Bold Italian Sauce containing enough for two servings. Perfect for rustling up a quick dinner for me & Madhouse Daddy Mike if the kids have eaten earlier and gone to bed.

We received three varieties to try - Vine-Ripened Tomato & Mascarpone, Italian Tomato & Olive and Sun-dried Tomato & Garlic. Here is a quick snap of the Vine-Ripened Tomato & Mascarpone one stirred through cooked pasta. You can see the small chunks of tomato and creaminess of the sauce. I was serving this with meat so it didn't need anything else, but as a one pot dish, you could throw in some diced ham or cooked lardons/bacon pieces, some halved cherry tomatoes and a generous sprinkling of freshly shaved parmesan. 

The flavours are robust and authentic so you really don't need to faff about adding any extras if you're tired or in a rush. For an instant supper, you can reheat some leftover cooked pasta in the microwave and just stir through the jar of sauce. It doesn't even need heating because the pasta warms it through enough. That makes it absolutely perfect for 11-year-old Sophie who wants to come home to lunch from her new secondary school literally across the street, rather than going to the school canteen, who may be on her own on some days and who is under strict instructions to use just the microwave, not the gas or oven ! I'd already planned on cooking extra pasta and rice for her to reheat on the days I can't get home but these sauces are ideal for her to cook up a real meal with no problem whatsoever.

As a rough guide, 100g of the Vine-Ripened Tomato & Mascarpone sauce contains 159 calories and 14.4g of fat .

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.19 for 190g

for more information : http://www.sacla.co.uk

Disclosure : I received a selection of Sacla sauces, in order to write honest reviews.

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  1. The flavours sound great and the price reasonable. Great idea for after school eating without using the stove and just as tasty for vegetarians leaving out the meat

  2. I love Tomato & Mascarpone. Shame they're such small jars - it is very rare that we eat without the children.

    1. You can stretch it further, you just get less sauce. In the photo above, it was for all 5 of us !

  3. I have tried this sauce and it is really tasty, added some extra vegetables to make it stretch further

  4. I'm single and cooking for one is often a chore but I reckon I could make some great dishes in no time at all with these sauces.

  5. I always wonder who would buy a thing like this when making it is so simple and you know what's in the stuff you make?

    1. Me when I dash in from work shattered and need to get something on the table quickly that everyone will enjoy ! ;-)

  6. Love the Sacla sauces and so do my Small Ones :)


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