Tuesday 21 August 2012

Pedigree Joint Care + review

I couldn't help but smile when the postie dropped off a mysterious box at The Madhouse a few weeks ago and we opened it up to discover this funky yellow Pedigree backpack customised with Vicky the Madhouse dog's name !

Inside there were some lovely goodies for Vicky to discover - some rubber balls, a ball-throwing stick and two boxes of Pedigree Joint Care + to try out.

The Joint Care + sticks look a bit like regular dog treats but they are absolutely packed with carefully selected ingredients to help improve your dog's mobility by reducing joint stiffness. They contain the strangely-named CPA complex, described as "a unique blend of natural, active ingredients that can help you get your best friend back to their best", made up of Glucosamine (an essential building block of healthy joints and cartilage), Omega 3 (helps promote natural suppleness and flexibilty), Green Lipped Mussel Powder (containing fatty acids and chondroitin, an important component in building healthy joints) and methionine (an amino acid that helps your dog's body fight stiffness). 

All highly efficient and therapeutic ingredients but there is one non-negligeable downside. The Glucosamine comes from shrimp shells, Omega 3 is from fish oil, Green Lipped Mussel Powder ... have you guessed yet? The whole backpack absolutely reeked of fish ! The strips themselves don't really smell fishy, they smell more meaty, but the boxes of snacks really need to be kept somewhere where the nasty whiffs won't bother you - the understairs cupboard is where ours are stored !

Pedigree say that by giving your four-legged friend one Joint Care + treat every day for just six weeks, you should see an improvement in their mobility. In trials, 72% of dog owners saw an improvement. They challenged us to try them out with Vicky and report back.

Well, here is Vicky (with the red collar) alongside Didou, catching up with her "cousin" Ussy on holiday recently. 

She is now 7 years old so is slowing down a bit, although I haven't seen any evidence of stiffness or painful joints - she just can't be bothered running around like a loony after her energetic son, Didou, any more ! She's certainly been enjoying eating the treats though and they've done no harm at all (no runny poo or fishy farts or anything ! - she does have stinky breath but she had that already before we started the trial !). She seemed extra full of beans when we caught up with the other dogs but I don't know if that was just poochy excitement at seeing her friends or the result of eating the Joint Care + treats !

If you fancy giving them a go, there is currently a money back guarantee offer so you'll get a refund if you're not totally satisfied.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £2.79 for 7 sticks, £7.99 for 21 sticks

Disclosure : We received some Joint Care + treats and extra goodies for Vicky in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Joint care is a great idea, our dog had hip dysplasia so these are fab for him.

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