Wednesday 15 August 2012

Jelly Jamm hits the screens on Milkshake! today

Milkshake! zooms off to the musical planet Jammbo for Jelly Jamm, for brand new episodes of animated comedy antics which celebrate creativity, music, fun and friendship, from Wednesday 15th August at 6.35am.
Quivering with musical discovery, Jelly Jamm follows the adventures of Bello, Rita, Goomo, Mina and Ongo - five wacky friends who must learn to live in harmony on the magical planet Jammbo; from where all music in the universe originates.
From organising a surprise party for the Queen to trying out a bathtub which flies to music, Bello and his friends embark on a series of adventures to discover the “Jelly” we all have inside – the lifeforce of fun and creativity. With unique animation, loveable characters, vibrant colours and catchy original music, Jelly Jamm is sure to get pre-schoolers humming along as they join in the foot-tapping fun and get in touch with their inner “Jelly”.

On Wednesday, the King doesn’t want to share his new rocket powered skateboard so he hides it in a magic box. Bello and Goomo claim it and challenge the King’s wishes, ending up in a new and larger world – a world of fun, but danger. On Thursday the King and the children decide to cheer up the Queen by throwing her a surprise party. The trouble is everybody has their own particular idea of what exactly the Queen would like. Finally on Friday Bello is fed up with the Queen ruining his fun and games and wishes that she become a little girl again. But when his wish comes true, Bello finds that looking after someone younger is quite a tricky task…
To celebrate the new episodes Bello is set to join Kemi in the milkshake! studio on Wednesday 15th August. Together they will be bopping along to The Jelly Jamm dance, showing pictures and celebrating viewers’ birthdays.
Jelly Jamm airs every day on milkshake!
Viewers can discover more musical adventures at
Jelly Jamm is produced by Spanish independent production companies: Vodka Capital, 737 Shaker and RTVE and Bandai. Vodka Capital was founded by Victor M Lopez (former CEO of Zinkia) and David Cantolla (Co-Founder of Zinkia) co-creator and director of the award-winning Pocoyo.

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  1. sounds good I always had a soft spot for Pokoyo and so did my daughter

  2. This is a great show for little ones. Do they make toys?

    1. No idea but if they don't, I'm sure it won't be long ! There's probably a link to merchandise on their website

  3. This looks fun, not very sure about the 6.35am bit though!

  4. they look very fun and colourful characters the sort of thing my niece Yasmin likes :)

  5. My 2yr old loves this!!

  6. Im sure this is on a bit later at the weekends


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