Thursday 30 August 2012

Feel like chicken tonight ?!

Wowee ! Look at what the postie delivered today ! A huge hamper packed with Chicken Tonight and Ragu products to try out - both product ranges that I remember from my childhood in the eighties. Do you remember this advert ?!

I'm sure I will be totally incapable of cooking Chicken Tonight without doing the song-and-dance routine which will totally confuse the Madhouse kids who never knew the original commercial ! I'll be back soon with reviews once I've tried them all out - yum ! 

for more information : 

Disclosure : I received the fabulous hamper of Chicken Tonight and Ragu products above, in order to write honest reviews.

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  1. Yum will be interested to know if the kids like


  2. I really love the honey and mustard sauce- Its yummy!

  3. we always but the honey and mustard aswell its lovely

  4. Lucky you - I'm another fan of the honey and mustard one! Yum!


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