Tuesday 14 August 2012

Capricorn Goats Cheese Blogger Challenge recipe #8 : Fruity Pork Risotto

I'm absolutely loving this Capricorn Blogger Challenge because it's made me see goat's cheese in a whole new light. Although we often eat it here at The Madhouse, up to now it's been eaten straight from the pack, as a posh alternative to cheese on toast ("chèvre chaud" sounds so much more refined !!) or on pizza. After putting my thinking cap on for the challenge, it's now found its place as a really versatile store cupboard essential, being used in everything from savoury muffins and filo tarts to tortillas. Well, today's foray into the unknown was risotto - a dish that I've prepared before but this was the first time using actual risotto rice.

Fruity Pork Risotto

ingredients :

500g pork fillet, chopped into chunks
1 large onion
a handful of mushrooms
a bottle of cider
risotto rice
a couple of juicy pears
some Capricorn goats cheese

Gently fry the pork cubes in a little olive oil. Season as desired - I gave them a generous sprinkle of Montreal Steak Seasoning which gave it a nice chilli zing and peppery punch. Put to one side.

In a large pan, gently fry the chopped onions and mushrooms in a little olive oil.

Now for the cider, I had this fabulous bottle of Burrow Hill Farm Pressed Cider which was in the hamper of Somerset-sourced goodies that Capricorn sent through for the challenge. It has a lovely appley flavour (I had to have a sneaky sip before adding it to the risotto !).

Following the instructions on the risotto rice, I added the contents of the bottle of cider bit by bit and topped up with water every few minutes until it was cooked through, about twenty minutes later. One piece of advice - don't wander off and leave it unwatched or it's a disaster waiting to happen. You'll need to keep stirring and adding water until it's finished cooking.

At the last minute, stir through the pork (and any cooking juices that have pooled in the pan),the pear chunks and the goat's cheese. Tumble the ingredients delicately together and serve.

The sweetness of the pear, the creaminess of the cheese and the tartness of the cider all complement each other really well and I've been asked if we can have this again another day. Definitely a resounding success !

Disclosure : I received a hamper of goodies including some Capricorn Goats Cheese to help provide inspiration for creating some tasty new recipes.

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