Sunday 19 August 2012

Blingles Bling Studio review

When I was asked if I'd like to review a Blingles Studio, I had a quick look at the press release and instantly knew it would be up Sophie and Juliette's street. In fact, it would appeal to any tween or teen girl who loves a bit of bling and customising their possessions.

11-year-old Sophie set straight to work, opening all the little packets and putting together the studio. There's only a minimal amount of slotting pieces together required so she managed it all by herself with no problems whatsoever.

In the box, you get everything you need to create funky glittery stickers, namely :

- the Bling studio unit
- a bag of 320+ gems
- a glue roll
- a Gem Pen tool
- Transfer Slides
- Design Templates
- Instruction booklet

Once you've got it all set up, you just need to use the design templates to place your jewels in the right places, add an adhesive top sheet to hold them in place, roll it over the glue sheet then carefully transfer the sticker to the object of your choice. Anything hard and flat will do, from phones and mp3 players to laptops and glasses cases.

This is the first design that Sophie made and was extremely pleased with. The box says that it will stick to almost everything but when Sophie tried to funk up my fabric camera case with a bit of bling, she was disappointed when several of the gems wouldn't stay in place so hard, plastic objects work best.

It's a lot of fun and creates some really lovely designs that look professional enough for young creators to be really proud of. 320 sounds a lot, but I'm sure I'll need to stock up on extra gems, glue sheets and transfer slides in no time at all.

 I can see this being a brilliant way of getting the kids to make extra-special homemade gifts and cards for relatives, friends and even teachers at Christmas. With this is mind, I love the idea of the Accessory Pack, containing a picture frame, trinket box, keyring and cards. There will also be themed refill packs that sound like ideal stocking stuffers at Christmas time.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £19.99

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a Blingles Bling Studio in order to write an honest review.

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  1. This looks like fun :o) From Kim @PolkaDotAddict

  2. We just started with Blingles and my daughter and I love it. But how do you get extra gems and basic supplies without buying another entire set?
    Thanks, Shari

    1. Can't see any on amazon at the moment, maybe on ebay ? I've asked the PR contact about availability so I'll keep you posted :)

  3. my daughter would love this! getting some inspiration here for christmas gifts :)

  4. My daughter 10 loved this gift, but day after Christmas we too are wondering where you get extra gems. We bought the main set and the accessory set so the little gems don't go far when you have a creative daughter!

  5. My daughter loves this. You can get extra jewels very cheaply on ebay (craft diamante 99p for 200 3mm jewels) but I am having trouble finding replacement glue rolls .... it took 2 days for her to use up all the supplies the blingles studio came with!

  6. Thanks for the tips - ebay it is then ! :)

  7. Did anyone find out where we can get the sticky paper etc...from for this product? My daughter got this right after Christmas. She bought it for her self and now she has used all of the supplies.

  8. Ebay had them last time I looked - amazon may have them too. If all else fails, you could ask them on their facebook page -


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