Sunday 26 August 2012

Post-holiday Sunday weigh-in - gulp !!

Well, we're finally back home (we got back yesterday afternoon) which signals the end of the summer. Madhouse Daddy Mike goes back to work on Monday, I go back to work on Friday and the kids go back to school (or, in Pierre and Sophie's case, have their first day at a new school) next Monday. That means back to routines and it also means I get back in the kitchen, which I'm quite looking forward to now.

As I told you a month ago, I took August off from my diet, knowing damn well I'd undoubtedly put weight back on but determined not to beat myself up about it. Life is for living and creating memories is an important part of that, so trying out lurid cocktails at our hotel in Tunisia, sampling the incredibly sweet local delicacies called "cornes de gazelle" as they were made by hand in front of us and trying all the Tunisian dishes on offer at the hotel buffet are all things I could have passed on but would have regretted missing out on. Staying with both sets of grandparents for another two weeks after our Tunisian adventures means that I haven't prepared a single meal for a whole month !!

Whatever the scales say, I'm now back, full of enthusiasm for getting back on the weight-loss wagon, having stocked up on healthy snacks and treats so I'm really hoping I'll be able to lose the weight I put back on over the summer quickly and painlessly and pick up where I left off. Weightwatchers have kindly renewed my membership for another 6 months so I'm going to start tracking what I eat again and I think I'll top up the SlimPod for good measure too.

OK ... here goes ... time to see what the damage is (gulp) !!!

WEIGHT LAST WEEK (a month ago) : 81kg
STILL TO GO : 17.2kg
CHANGE THIS WEEK (since last weigh-in a month ago): +2.2kg

I was actually expecting worse so a 2.2kg gain for the whole month isn't actually that bad. Hopefully next week I'll be almost back to my -10kg barrier which was a really encouraging motivation-booster. I've updated my badges and added a new weight-loss ticker which shows me edging towards the half-way mark.

I can't wait to catch up with my weight-loss buddies :

Jane at 7hippopotamus who had a fantastic week last week - hope this week is another good one :)

Laura at Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery (who looked utterly fabulous in her dress on her last weigh-in)

 Sarah at Life in a Break Down (who is making me get all nostalgic with her Jenny Craig posts !)

Anybody else want to join in with our weekly weigh-in link up ?

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  1. Welcome back Cheryl, I'm glad that you've had a lovely holiday. For a whole month off, thats not a bad gain at all, you'll soon be back on track. Good luck x

    1. I have to admit, I was expecting worse - can't wait to get back on track now :)

  2. Wow! you're still doing fab hun! I need to start mine too! Ive got loads to lose! :(

  3. I've been doing WW for a 2 months now and lost nearly 1.5 stone already, i've had the last 2 weeks "off" though as we have been out loads with the boys so i went last night and was please to find i'd only put on a pound! Good luck with your weight loss x

  4. Good work! I hope the scales are as kind to me tomorrow after nearly three weeks in the USA!

    1. Oooh where did you go? I've been good all week so hope I've lost a large part of what I put on on holiday ! Verdict tomorrow !

  5. 2.2 kg during holidays, that's not too bad!! And you know you will lose them as soon as!

    1. I'm pleased to say you're totally correct !! I've just posted this week's weigh-in :


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