Sunday 26 August 2012

Back to life, back to reality !

Well, it doesn't take long for reality to kick back in ! We've only been back home for one day and so far :

1) I've totally forgotten my PIN number ! I thought I remembered it but I had two attempts at the cash point and "computer says no". I've been using my UK bank card all week in England so my brain has wiped out all memory of my normal French PIN number. Oops. I'll have to go and ask at the bank next week. Surely I can't be the first person to have forgotten it ! (UPDATE - How freaky. Just as I was drifting off to sleep last night, not even thinking about it at all, my PIN number suddenly came back to me - just tried it out and it worked, woohoo !!)

2) I've disinfected the stinky bins that have been festering for a month - yuck. No maggots though, which has to be a bonus. (I have a maggot phobia !)

3) I discovered that the washing up from our last meal - in fact our only meal - when we popped back from Brittany before heading to Hastings last week hadn't, in fact, been done by Madhouse Daddy Mike as I thought, but had actually been sitting in the sink all week waiting for me. Yuck ! Thank goodness I had a Dishmatic washer-upper so I didn't have to actually get my hands in the putrid mess.

4) We've picked up all our pets (both dogs and the rabbit) from the various pet sitters - all Madhouse residents, even the four-legged ones, are now back home !

5) The washing machine has been on the go non stop - including changing all the bedding for Sophie who told me, two minutes before we set off for England last week, that she'd been sick in her bed. There was no time to deal with it before heading off to catch the ferry but, luckily, she had the presence of mind to strip her bedding and leave it in a pile on the floor. That was lovely to come home to !

6) We've spent half of the day trying to locate the London sweatshirt that we bought for Juliette on our daytrip on Thursday. We've just had a thought that she may have left it on the boat back - oops ! I wonder if they have a lost property office ! (UPDATE - They do have a lost property email so I've sent them a message, fingers crossed !)

7) The kids begged to go to the park, which they've obviously been missing, so we got in a quick trip and managed to catch up with some of their friends. We also called in on the old lady on the corner to make sure she's OK.

8) I've discovered that I actually go back to work on Monday and the kids to school on Tuesday, not Friday for me and Monday for the kids as I thought - woohoo !

So much for having a quiet day before Madhouse Daddy Mike goes back to work tomorrow !

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  1. you do sometimes wonder if it is worth going away. Between the hassle of organising before you go away and the exhaustion when you get back. Hope you all had fun.

    1. Oh we did, loads of great memories :) And I think I've remembered my PIN number too - it came to me in my sleep, freaky !! lol

  2. Hope coming back hasn't been too bad. Sometimes it's not worth going then you remember the time you had. x

    1. Yesterday was hectic but things are all back in control today ! :) Definitely worth it !

  3. well done for even going away, let alone getting back in one piece. I dread the run up to the holidays, and then I dread the putting away bit too - no wonder you forgot your number - I keep putting my wrong card in the machine.



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