Friday 24 August 2012

Ribena Plus Tasty Tour

We were just wandering along the seafront in Hastings Old Town earlier in the week, on the way to the amusement arcade and fun fair rides (Sophie scared herself silly on the ghost train, Pierre made a splash (literally) on the canoe ride and Madhouse Grandad got pulled on to the bumper cars with Juliette!) when we came across this Ribena Plus roadshow, offering us the chance to sample their new range.

As it was a hot day, the kids all ran off to get a glass so we tried some too. I was impressed by the range of flavours available - I still tend to associate Ribena with blackcurrant so I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can also get Mixed Berries, Raspberry & Apple and Apple & Peach, including sugar-free varieties. They taste really nice and fruity and are really refreshing. My personal favourite was the Sugar-free Apple & Peach one but the kids liked the Mixed Berries one best.

But when I asked what the "plus" was, I was even more impressed. You can get Ribena Plus with vitamin A and vitamin C to help support immunity, and Ribena Plus with calcium for healthy bones. Topping up the kids' (not to mention my own) nutrients just by giving them a tasty, sugar-free drink sounds absolutely perfect to me so I'll definitely be looking out for this in the shops to see what the other flavours are like.

If you want to see if the Tasty Tour will be calling in near you, you can find out on the Ribena website here.

Disclosure : This is not a sponsored post. I just thought I'd tell you about the sampling event, as we were so impressed !

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  1. Sounds like a fab drink to sneakily get some extra vitamins into children! :)

  2. The orange flavour is lush!

    Talking about ghost trains, I went on one at brean sands back in February and it was so scary! I'm not normally a wimp but this was horrid and I'm a adult! x

    1. awww ! We're all laughing about it now luckily !

    2. That's good, stay away from the one at Brean Sands in Somerset lol xx

  3. we love the strawberry ribena hope they do this with the added vitamins

  4. Wish we had things like this near us. I didn't know they did raspberry & apple I'm keeping a look out for that!


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