Sunday 22 March 2015

DVD review : Two Night Stand

As the great Pat Benatar famously sang, love is a battlefield. It's also a minefield, especially in the modern world of online dating sites, where you never really know who you're talking to or what their motivations are.

In the brand new rom-com Two Night Stand, BAFTA-nominated duo Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton star as Alec and Megan, two twenty-something New Yorkers who are on the lookout for a no-strings one night stand. The morning after, just as Megan is about to tiptoe away, she discovers that a paralysing blizzard has hit the city, trapping them in Alec's cramped Brooklyn apartment. They are forced to get to know each other far beyond the confines of a typical one-night stand, but awkwardness and recriminations soon develop into a grudging respect and friendship, which could turn into true love. Or could it?

It's a fun, lighthearted rom-com with some funny gags, even if it's not wholly realistic (for example, if they can escape to the neighbour's apartment for food, I'm sure they could escape to the street outside too) and I couldn't help but smile indulgently and feel a bit gooey inside when the inevitable happy ending came around. I must be getting old though because for the first half hour of the film, I felt a bit weirded-out by how young they both looked - barely older than Sophie or the kids I teach - so it felt wrong to see them talking about sex and jumping into bed together !

If you want a nice romantic chick flick to warm the cockles of your heart and make you smile, it's a classic love-in-the-digital-age movie that ticks all the right rom-com boxes. It has a 15 rating and I debated watching it with 13-year-old Sophie - I'm glad I didn't though as there is lots of sex talk that would have made me (and probably her) cringe, some drugs use and a couple of uses of the F-word.

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star rating : 4/5

DVD RRP: £18.37 (but available for pre-order on amazon for £8)

  • Actors: Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton, Jessica Szoh
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Classification: 15
  • Studio: Signature Entertainment
  • DVD Release Date: 23 Mar. 2015
  • Run Time: 86 minutes

Disclosure : I received the DVD in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I have not watched it but by the sounds of it I'm surprised it's a 15.


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