Friday 6 March 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 6/3 #Dukan2

As I've been on holiday, I've done the traditional kitchen cupboards inventory and I still have a crazy amount of seasoning sachets to get through. In my defence, every time I use a few, they get replaced in my Degustaboxes ! This week (and the next few weeks) will be a determined effort to use up as many as possible, while respecting the Dukan 2 diet as far as possible. (I'm sure I'm not alone so I've decided I'm going to start a linkie to inspire people to go and see what's lurking in the back of their kitchen cupboards !)

Anyway, on to this week's cupboard clearout menu plan :

Saturday (carbs allowed)

lunch - BBQ marinated pork chops with garden herb potatoes & salad

dinner - Mojito Lime Salmon or white fish with rice and Mediterranean veg

Sunday (everything allowed)

lunch - roast dinner with Yorkshire puds

dinner -  porridge or toasted sandwiches

Monday (protein day)

dinner -  Oriental Soy & Garlic Chicken with Konjac noodles for me or normal noodles for the others

Tuesday (protein + veg day)

dinner -  Chicken Tonight Creamy French Chicken with green beans

Wednesday (protein + veg + fruit)

lunch - fajitas

dinner - Slow Cooker Sausage & Bean Casserole with baked potatoes

Thursday (bread allowed)

dinner - Shepherd's Pie with Root Veg Mash

Friday (cheese allowed)

dinner - So Juicy Mexican Chicken with cheesy veggie bake

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