Saturday 7 March 2015

Madhouse diaries : Bees, trees and hungry geese !

Well, OK, technically, they were ducks but that didn't rhyme. Alternatively, I could have given this blogpost the title "how much fun can you have on a roundabout?" ! I've mentioned this intriguing bee-themed traffic roundabout in the past but, having seen that there was now a geocache on it, we decided to investigate further.

Luckily it's in the middle of an industrial zone and is pretty quiet so, after briefing the kids that they were to stay well away from the edges, I set them free to go hunting.

The clue was "where the queen bee lives" but we looked all under the hives and in the honeycomb and couldn't find it anywhere.

We had fun looking through the hexagons then started getting funny looks from the drivers so decided to give up and head to the nearby park.

That's more like it - plenty of space to run free with no traffic !

We started looking for the first signs of spring but it was a bit early. We saw a few daffodils, some catkins and one bush in blossom but that was it.

I always like this park because it feels quite wild and natural.

We headed over to the first play area. I feel like this is turning in to an episode of Playschool (remember that?!) - after the hexagonal window earlier, what's through the round window?!

"Look at me Mum, I'm so high, I'm almost in the trees !"

Keep going Pierre, you'll soon catch her up !

We'd brought the last few slices of stale bread with us to feed the ducks - Pierre got all worried about making them explode (something he'd heard at school !). I do remember reading that you're not supposed to feed bread to ducks any more - anyone know why ? I reassured him that I always fed bread to the ducks when I was little and I never, ever saw one explode !

This seemed to reassure him ! 

We were intrigued by this male mallard whose green head was half white - very strange.

The ducks seemed really hungry and came swimming and flying in from all sides. This line of ducks made us laugh and we all sang "Six little ducks came swimming one day, over the hills and far away" !

Once all the bread was gone, we continued on our merry way. We had a good laugh at the ducks on the grass having fun splashing in muddy puddles !

And couldn't work out why they would choose to drink disgusting muddy water when they have a nice clean pond just down the bank.

On to the "street workout" area with the sports equipment that the kids always love playing on.

Juliette span round in circles on the swing until she was dizzy.

Pierre almost split himself in two on the sports equipment.

Even I had a go on the stepper until I started getting wobbly thighs and remembered we still had to walk home !

We managed to call into three other smaller playgrounds on the way home.

I'm so pleased the weather has perked up and we can get out and about again.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. That definitely looks like a day of fun activities with the kids :) #countrykids.

  2. Lots of fun, shame you didn't find your bumble bee geocache but it looks like the park made up for things. I love all the gym equipment, we have some here on the farm too and the kids and adults enjoy a turn. So lovely to see the days drawing out and feel a little warmth in the sun now. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. The fun part is the looking, so it doesn't really matter if you find it or not - and we'll be back ! :)

  3. Its fab to get back outside isn't it, the sun shining has made me feel so much happier x

    1. Definitely - for me it's the longer days. It's lovely to go to work and come home in daylight ... but when we put the clocks forward that might change for a while

  4. I think the 'don't feed bread to the ducks' thing is because it just isn't good for them. Take grapes next time! What a shame you didn't find your geocache. Looks like you had a nice day with some good weather!

    1. Well you learn something every day, I didn't know ducks liked grapes !

  5. the title caught my eye and I had to come and look. Love all the play school moments and shame you did not find the cache. Are there many other DNF's registered?
    Yes caches on busy streets do tend to get you funny looks, and there is only so often you can bend down to "tie your shoelace as you feel along the bottom of a fence before the police turn up. A great day out was had by the look of it. We were playing on those twirly swings the other week when out caching

    1. No DNFs but a few people saying they only found it on the second visit so we'll have another go. It's funny when you walk past a cache you know about and see other geocacheirs trying to be discreet - you can spot them a mile off when you know !!


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