Sunday 15 March 2015

Sunday weigh-in : No change so all change?

So last Sunday, the scales said 85.6kg (official weigh-in 85.3kg because that was what they'd said the day before). Today, it's identical (85.6 today, 85.3 yesterday). That's not catastrophic but it's not enough to inspire me to keep going with the Dukan 2. After an amazing first week where I lost 1.8kg (after a few weeks stuck on a plateau), there's been very little change. My weightloss is no better or worse than what I was achieving before Dukan (just by eating healthily with as many fruit and veg portions as I wanted, whatever day of the week) so I'm thinking I'll ditch Dukan 2 for a couple of weeks, then maybe do it again for a week to see if it reboosts my weightloss - maybe a monthly short sharp shock ?! Not sure, I'll see how things pan out, but that certainly gives me more flexibility for eating at the school canteen and not having to double menu plan so the kids and hubby get extra carbs which I can avoid easily.

Positives of the week

- Whatever the scales say, I've been doing everything right and overall, I'm still on track

- I'm looking forward to getting back in control - choosing what I want to eat when and not following specific guidelines. Bring on the daily 5-a-day ! (The good thing about Dukan is I'm craving fruit and veg, not chocolate or cake !)

Current targets 

Last week's target : Third time lucky ! Getting into the 84 point somethings would be fantastic. That third goal (getting weight lost into double figures) is tantalisingly close. Get my weight loss in pounds into the 20's (it's currently on 19) (FAILED)

This week's targets : Don't focus on specific food groups, just get back to overall healthy eating. Get active again. Dust off the SlimPod. Focus on healthy habits, not the number on the scales.

Short-term targets 21kg to lose sounds a lot but breaking it down, aiming for 1kg a week, that's only about 5 months - plenty of time for heading off to Turkey in August !

first target, get my "weight to lose" badge down into the 40's (it's currently on 51lb) (done),
 second goal - get back to 85.9kg, my pre-xmas weight (done )
third goal : get my "kg lost" badge back into double figures 
fourth goal : get my "weight loss" badge higher than my "still to go" badge
fifth goal : get back into my (smallest) bright blue jeans comfortably
sixth goal : get back to 77kg - my lowest weight since my pregnancies

Longer-term targets :  Hit my target weight of 68kg. 

STILL TO GO : 17.2kg

Feel free to add your weightloss posts to my weekly linkie - it's great to see how everyone else has been getting on and give each other support and encouragement. You can even grab the linkie code and add it to your own blog if you like. :)

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  1. Scales are horrible aren't they... ive had a maintain this week too, but I have looked back on the past 10 weeks, and the before and after photos are not saying what the scales have said... go with what you truly believe, and more importantly, believe! Good luck!

    1. Very good advice, you can definitely see the difference in your photos so who cares what the scales say ?! xx

  2. I think switching it up a bit is a good idea, good luck!

    1. Thanks - it'll be interesting to see if it has any effect !

  3. Oh chick, that is really, really disappointing! I know when I haven't shifted weight, it is generally down to a takeaway and a bag of crisps or two... but when you have been sticking to a specific diet and nothing has happened... that does suck!

    As you say, once a month it may give you the boost you need but it would only demotivate you if you stuck to it - getting back to what you know and going for it will have you back on track!

    Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday! See you later this week! Sim xx

  4. It's a shame you aren't seeing the weight loss you would want to see, especially when doing something that (although not as restrictive as some) is awkward. I always find the best thing is to do what works for you, taking positive bits from each type of diet and curating your own plan.

    Good luck for this week!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  5. I know you must be feeling disappointed but it wasn't a gain. You maintained which is great. Changing it up a bit might be just what you need. Best of luck for next week


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