Monday 30 March 2015

Footprint painting crafts

You may remember our recent handprint crafts session when we transformed Pierre's handprints into a variety of creatures. I made a throwaway comment that it could be good fun to try with footprints too and he's been begging to have a go ever since so I finally relented and we got the paint pad and some sheets of paper out in the bathroom, so I could plop him straight in the bath when he was covered in paint ! Once they'd dried, it was time to see what we could turn them into.

This was my first attempt. I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be - a duck with legs maybe ?! I had visions of turning the toes into eggs and drawing a nest around the bottom of the duck which would make more sense.

This was my favourite (of my efforts) - a sealion balancing a sparkly ball on its nose.

Pierre decided to turn his first one into Barbapapa.

Then we got the feathers out to create a fluffy bird.

I saw this idea for a tractor online (by googling "footprint paintings").

So Pierre had a go at making an aeroplane.

This bearded man is very cute.

But I have no idea what this one was supposed to be !

Or this one - it's got colourful feathers though, what more could you need ?!

It's amazing how much fun you can have with a simple paint pad and I love seeing how inventive kids can be.


  1. Looks like he enjoyed himself

  2. Wow, some lovely pictures there.

  3. I have done hand and footprint painting before but this has given me some great new things to do, absolutely fantastic! The children like using things that they bring back from their nature walks, Lydia calls them treasures and she loves the paintings she creates but also likes the objects like fir cones and leaves when they are partially covered in paint and ends up making a collage with them too! Love children & paint!

  4. i did some for the grandmothers - they loved them!


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