Thursday 5 March 2015

Madhouse diaries : Bye bye baby, hello pre-teen !

This was Juliette's bedroom at the start of our two week holiday. Ignore the mess and look at the contents in the corner - you should be able to spot a blackboard/whiteboard easel and two play kitchens, along with a pink fairy castle and a wooden doll's house. Typical "little girl" toys. 

But as she's just turned ten, she wanted to overhaul her room and have a desk to do her homework on. We had a dejunk and a tidy-up, then bought her the much coveted desk and chair. She's over the moon and I'm reassured to see that there are still some Disney Princesses on the walls amongst all her One Direction posters ! She's at that classic tween stage, wanting to be grown up but not quite ready to give up all her childhood possessions and that suits me just fine !


  1. We just did my son's room, he was still in a cabin bed so we bought a single bed. It looks all grown up now. The desk looks fab

    1. I saw a picture of him on your blog the other day and couldn't believe how big and grown-up he looked !

  2. Oh I love this and know where you're coming from completely! My eldest is a little younger (nearly 8) but she's wanting to be a lot more independent and keeps telling me how 'babyish' certain things are! Where's my baby gone?! X


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