Tuesday 10 March 2015

Heinz Fiery Sriracha Thai Classic Chilli Sauce review

Be very careful next time you throw a bottle of ketchup in your trolley because if you don't look carefully, you may accidentally grab a bottle of new Heinz Fiery Sriracha Thai Classic Chilli Sauce instead ! The two look remarkably similar but this new addition to its popular Chilli Sauces range will set your tastebuds on fire. Juliette came away from the fridge yesterday innocently clutching the Fiery Sriracha sauce insted of the regular ketchup she thought she's taken and I had to warn her that she'd be in for a spicy surprise if she squirted it all over her mash and peas !

I'd never actually heard of sriracha before but it's a popular chilli sauce named after the coastal city of Si Racha in Thailand, where it is used as a spicy dip. Traditionally enjoyed with seafood, spring rolls or noodle dishes, it has taken the world by storm. It is looking to be THE chilli flavour for 2015, increasingly in demand from a growing number of chilli aficionados up and down the country who are choosing hotter and hotter condiments. 

I have to say, the name don't lie (maybe that could be a new song for Shakira !) - this is a seriously hot sauce so a little goes a long way, but it also offers a sweetness and a slightly Oriental flavour. I find it too powerful as a dipping sauce but it adds some lovely zing to casseroles and soups. Heinz also suggest adding it to your grilled cheese sandwich, drizzling it over a steak or adding it to a chicken marinade for a fiery experience, which all sound like great ideas.

Heinz already have a range of Chilli Sauces on offer, so if you love spicy food, you might also like to try :

· Jerk BBQ - with a peppery and punchy kick, this sauce is perfect for spicing up and marinating chicken or lamb

· Sweet Chilli – giving some ‘oomph’ to a variety of foods, this is sure to be your new definitive dipping sauce

· Peri Peri - hot and zingy flavours combine to help you turn up the heat for that mouth-watering meaty dish

· Hot Pepper - adding a touch of super spiciness and heat to your meal, this is the perfect partner to pizza or a succulent steak

Heinz Fiery Sriracha Chilli Sauce is available in ASDA at the RRP of £1.69, and will be available in other retailers later in the year.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Looks good - my husband would love this!

  2. I love adding hot sauces to things like noodles. Must give this a go!

  3. my husband would like this, I cant eat spicy food


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