Thursday 12 March 2015

Aldi’s Home Baking and Kitchen Accessories Specialbuys

I love Aldi’s Specialbuys - we've already reviewed their mother's day, men's classics, outdoor, Halloween, workshop, winter running and baby and toddler ranges in the past and have been very impressed with the consistent high quality and low prices. They have so many different themes that there's something for everyone and you never know what will come along next. 

I was extra-excited to hear about a couple of their most recent ranges - Aldi’s Home Baking Specialbuys range which went on the shelves on 5th March and the Kitchen Accessories Specialbuys range which will be on sale on 15th March, while stocks last.

They sent me through a selection of the products from the range and asked me to put them to the test while taking part in their #bestbudgetbake challenge. (I'll tell you what I made in my next blogpost.)

The Dinosaur Silicon Cake Mould is fantastic and as they only cost £3.49, it won't break the banks if you want to stock up on several of the designs. I love the little cottages which would be perfect for making individual cakes but the train, boat, butterfly and castle also look great as a simple way of making a kids' birthday party centrepiece that will have everyone wowed !

The Super Slim Scales are both funky and functional but my mind was blown by the Measuring Jug Scales which can be used to measure both liquids and solids. How's that for a multi-tasking spacesaver? I've never seen these before so I was very impressed ! (RRP for both : £6.99 each)

Now, I didn't get one of these in my hamper of goodies sadly, but I will definitely have to run down to my local store on Sunday to see if they've got any left. I have long hankered after owning a Kitchenaid mixer and this looks almost as good at a fraction of the price - just £34.99 - and you even get a choice of colours (red, green or cream). If you're still looking for a mother's day gift, get down there on Sunday morning and cross your fingers that they haven't all been snapped up yet !

The complete products list (with prices) is below :

Kitchen Accessories – in store 05.03.15

Kitchen Gadget Assortment - £1.49
Cutlery Selection - £2.99
Mini Frying Pans - £3.49
Cooker Hood Filters - £3.59
Electronic Salt/Pepper Grinder - £3.99
Non-Slip Chopping Boards - £4.49
Eco Flex Mat - £6.99
Mini Food Chopper - £12.99
Bain Marie & Asparagus Cooker - £17.99
Retro Sandwich Press - £18.99
12 Litre Stockpot - £19.99

Home Baking – in store 15.03.15

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups/Spoons - £1.99
Silicon Handle Wooden Spoons and Serving Hands - £1.99
Cake Pan Assortment - £1.99
Tea Towels 3 Pack - £2.99
Double Oven Glove - £2.99
Kid’s Silicone Bakewear - £3.49
Rolling Pins - £4.49
Cake Container - £4.99
Glass Storage Jar - £4.99
Digital Kitchen Scales - £6.99
Easter Hen Nest - £9.99
Classic Food Mixer - £34.99

Disclosure : I received a selection of the products in order to write an honest review and take part in the #bestbudgetbakes challenge.

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