Saturday 14 March 2015

Fabulous No-Fuss Castle Cake #bestbudgetbake

As I told you earlier in the week, Aldi recently invited us to get involved in their #bestbudgetbake blogger challenge. I stocked up on baking cupboard essentials with my £20 voucher and we did some cheap and cheerful homemade budget bakes in the form of Sussex Heavies and Brighton Buttons. (In fact, they disappeared so quickly that I was asked to make some more and luckily, I still had plenty of ingredients left over to make them again.) But for all you can't-cook-won't-cook types, I wanted to give you another fuss-free option that looks truly spectacular. One of the things hitting the shelves tomorrow in the Home Baking Specialbuys are Betty Crocker cake mixes for £1.89 including the Devil's Food cake mix that I happened to have in the cupboard. All you need to add are eggs, oil and water and you get a failproof delicious cake.

All it takes is a big of egg-cracking.

A bit of whisking.

And a bit of pouring into the fantastic castle mould (having generously oiled it first).

I said a silent prayer before putting a plate underneath the mould and flipping it over but it came out perfect. (Even if we didn't have quite enough mix to fill it completely.)

I'd stocked up on cake decorations and sprinkles too so Pierre and Juliette set about making it look pretty.

Ta-da !

And a birds eye view.

Pierre said that it was even more fun than making sandcastles at the beach because you got to eat it afterwards !

How's that for a very impressive #budgetbake that even non bakers could pull off ?

Disclosure : We received some kitchen equipment and a shopping voucher for ingredients in order to take part in the challenge.

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