Sunday 29 March 2015

Making Jus Rol Pain Au Chocolat

While rummaging through the fridge the other day trying to make space for ANOTHER fridge cake (the Madhouse kids have got slightly obsessed with making - and eating ! - them), I came across this pack of Jus Rol Pain Au Chocolat that has been lurking in there ever since Sophie saw it on the supermarket shelf and asked if we could buy so that she could make them. She was busy on facebook with her friend so didn't want to come and help make them though, so it ended up being Juliette and Pierre who discovered how quick and simple they are to create. (Sophie did manage to prise herself off her laptop to eat them though, funnily enough !) 

The first thing we were impressed by was the innovative packaging - you just twist the inner cannister and it springs apart, revealing the puffy pastry underneath that splurges out. You can't get fresher than that !

You carefully unroll the pastry.

Then pull it apart using the handy perforations.

Put the pastry pieces on a greased baking tray, lay a chocolate strip on each end and fold over to the middle then flip them over.

And that's it. They literally take a couple of minutes to prepare. The kids were a bit dubious though.

They don't look particularly impressive when they go into the oven.

But twelve minutes later, they look - and taste - amazing ! The pastry is soft and buttery and the chocolate isn't too sweet. It is very hot though so make sure you leave them to cool for a few minutes before tucking in, to avoid burning your mouth. They're not as flaky as proper pain au chocolat bought in a French boulangerie but they are better than most shop-bought ones we've tried - we were extremely impressed.


  1. Mmm these look very yummy, I've not had these but we've had the cinnamon rolls which are also very tasty.

  2. These look so yummy & best of all easy to make! I haven't seen these in a shop before but definitely will be keeping an eye out for them! :) xx

  3. I have never seen these, they look really tasty. Must keep my eyes open

  4. They look absolutely divine! My daughter loves pain au chocolat! :) Sim x

  5. These look great, am going to have a go at making these with the kids.
    Keeley Shaw

  6. ive tried these too they are lovely and so easy to make


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