Friday 6 March 2015

We discover Rice-a-Roni

You may remember I treated myself to a hamper of American food for Christmas and one of the things in it was this packet of Rice a Roni. It's a mixture of rice and pasta with flavourings and is about the size of a box of stuffing (184g).

I was very disappointed when I opened the box. It has a big sachet of separate seasoning so the box is only about half full of product. How was this going to stretch to five servings ?!

It's very similar to risotto - you heat some oil or butter and gently fry the Rice a Roni than add water and the seasoning.

It had a very strong cheesy smell and looked surprisingly yellow but I mixed it up and hoped for the best.

Once the water has all been absorbed and it's cooked through, it actually looks luch more appetising. We had the Broccoli au Gratin flavoured one and it was lovely, both in texture and taste.

This is what 1/5 of the pack looks like - the box says it should make 2-3 servings which is about right. The whole family loved it and asked if we could have it again - well, possibly, if we manage to find it on sale anywhere in Europe ! 

I did find a Rice a Roni clone recipe and it looks simple enough to copy. It's very similar to a pasta or rice bake, so I'll have to experiment with some cheesy versions of those too, as it was so popular. 

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