Thursday 25 June 2015

Bold 2-in-1 Pearls review

I was delighted to get the chance to try out new Bold 2-in-1 Pearls for a recent Savvy Circle project. With three kids, including Pierre who comes home from school with mud and grass stains on his knees on a daily basis, my washing machine seems to be permanently on the go so anything that can make doing the laundry less of a chore is always going to be welcomed with open arms !

It was interesting for me to go back to using the 2-in-1 pods because I first discovered this format on a previous Savvy Circle project for 3-in-1 Ariel Pods, which are very similar (and, in fact, look identical, even down to the colour scheme). I love the utter convenience and time-saving aspect - you just throw one into the washing machine drum before filling it with clothes so there's no measuring, looking for the little detergent ball or cleaning up drips and spills to worry about. I was also convinced by the cleaning power, which is just as good as the equivalent washing powder or laundry liquids. The only thing that wasn't quite as good as the other options was the lovely luxurious fragrances that using a separate fabric conditioner can offer.

And that is the absolute beauty of the Bold 2-in-1 Pearls. Bold have teamed up with Lenor, so you really do get the best of both worlds. There are three separate compartments containing cleaning agents, fibre care and Lenor with microcapsules to release long-lasting perfume over time. I was slightly unsure when I saw that these had a Lavender & Camomile fragrance - I often find lavender to be quite cloying and reminiscent of old ladies ! - but it's actually a gorgeous scent, fresh, refreshing and comforting. I love the smell on towels and bedding which envelops you when you wrap yourself in them, and I also love the fragrance on clothes as it is released during the day as you move. One of my work colleagues actually asked me what my new perfume was because she really liked it ! Needless to say, I passed one of the sample packs on to her and she was a very happy bunny !

The other fragrances in the range are Peony & Cherry Blossom, White Lily & Lotus Flower and Hibiscus & Lime Blossom, which all also sound lovely. I've been totally won over on all fronts - the convenience, the efficiency, the fact that it takes up less space in the cupboard and avoids lugging a heavy bottle of fabric softener back from the shops, and above all, the gorgeous fragrance that leaves me surreptitiously sniffing my sleeve throughout the day !

star rating : 4.5/5

Disclosure : I received the product, as well as some money off vouchers and samples to hand out to friends, in order to take part in a Savvy Circle project and share honest feedback.

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  1. I have also been doing the trial, we really like the product


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