Wednesday 10 June 2015

Ravensburger Minions 3d Puzzle Balls review

All three of the Madhouse kids are huge fans of the Minions. We've seen the films in English and in French, we've eaten the sweets, Pierre has even got the onesie !

I was therefore in no doubt whatsoever that they'd absolutely love this trio of Ravensburger Minions 3d Puzzle Balls that we received to review. We received two small 54 piece puzzles, which were the ideal size for Pierre to tackle, and a bigger 72 piece puzzle ball that Juliette took charge of.

It was the first time that Juliette had tried a puzzle ball and it took her a few minutes to get her head around the shape, then there was no stopping her !

Within just a few minutes, it was already taking shape and she only needed help slotting in the final couple of pieces because she was worried she'd press too hard and make it all shatter.

Meanwhile, Pierre emptied out one of the smaller boxes. He had helped us put some of the other Ravensburger 3d puzzles (such as Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower By Night) together before so he instantly started lining up the pieces according to the numbers on the back.

As I pointed out to him, the colourful designs with lots of recognisable details and text made them easy enough to put together without using the numbers, but it's handy to have them there if you get stuck (which we didn't).

Pierre was very proud of himself when the puzzle ball was complete.

All three of the puzzle balls come with a little plastic stand for you to display them without worrying about them rolling off the shelf and smashing to pieces !

Our unanimous favourite was the larger one because it has several Minions on it.

Pierre and Juliette couldn't stop turning it around to see the different characters.

They're quite pricey for what they are but the Madhouse kids absolutely loved putting them together (it only took about 10 minutes in total so there was no time to get bored or frustrated) and they are very proud of the finished designs.

star rating : 4.5/5

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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