Saturday 20 June 2015

#readcookeat recipe : Pizza Bagels (inspired by Making Nice)

Ages ago, I set myself the challenge of recreating a recipe from every book I finished reading for the #readcookeat challenge. I've bookmarked many but just haven't had the time to make them yet so I'm hoping to play catch up in the holidays. 

Well, the first person narrator of Making Nice is a bit of an eccentric character, more sociopath than kitchen goddess (or god) so this was never going to be a very inspiring book for recipes, but there was one foodie mention that made me prick up my ears :

p96 "She ordered a slice of regular pizza, but he ordered a beef patty, which I've never had but according to him is a pastry-thing stuffed with spiced beef. He told me that it's Jamaican and delicious [...]"

"Coco bread wrapped beef patty" by Jason Lam - originally posted to Flickr as 704 coco bread wrapped beef patty. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

I went to investigate and found this recipe on Serious Eats which makes it sound like a curried beef pasty. I love the idea of putting curry powder in the pastry to make it yellow and I do actualy have some Jamaican curry powder so I definitely think I'll be coming back to this one.

However, when I saw this paragraph, I turned over the corner of the page for easy reference because it's absolutely ideal for a speedy midweek meal for the kids :

p56 "By 4:16 I had eaten all the cold cuts and bacon and some pizza bagels and pierogies and a strawberry fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt and felt a little sick, so I lay down on the couch in the den and turned on the TV to a show about a lady judge whose veins popped out of her forehead while she yelled."

Funnily enough, I shared a recipe for pierogis a couple of weeks ago but it was the mention of pizza bagels that leapt out at me.

Having just received a delivery of Bagel Thins from Warburtons, we had everything we needed - I gave Juliette the task of spreading tomato concentrate on each bagel half then gave the kids free reign of the fridge.

They used sweetcorn, hot dog sausages, cheddar, cooked chicken, chorizo ... It's great for using up odds and ends.

10 minutes under the grill for the cheese to melt and they were ready to scoff.

Fancy cooking the books?! Join in with the #readcookeat linkie at Chez Maximka.


  1. Fab pizza bagels, love the creative approach to toppings. I don't think I have tried a beef patty like that. I have so many recipes bookmarked too. Thank you for joining in with a lovely recipe!

  2. another treat for kids !! mm yes! they will go down a treat


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