Tuesday 30 June 2015

Globecooking recipe : Karkadeh (Egypt)

Karkadeh is an infusion of dried hibiscus flowers popular in Egypt, usually drunk cold although it can be drunk hot too. It sounds very similar to the apple tea (often made with other flavours such as pomegranate) that is given out in shops and markets across Turkey.

I received a bag of dried hibiscus flowers in this month's Egyptian-themed Kitchen Trotter box and, as the temperatures soared today, I thought it would be a lovely refresing drink to keep our fluid levels topped up.

Just infuse the flowers - 3tbsp according to the instructions on the pack or 6tbsp according to the enclosed recipe card so I went somewhere in the middle - in one litre of boiling water for 10 minutes then leave to go cold and chill in the fridge.

It's very tart so you'll need to add sugar or honey to sweeten it, to taste. This one got a mixed reception. I wasn't overly keen on the floral scent and flavour and Sophie downright hated it. Pierre and Juliette thought it was drinkable and Madhouse Daddy loved it. I think maybe it needed some more sugar or it could be added to sparkling water or white wine, or maybe even orange or pineapple juice, for a summery cocktail.

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  1. This looks interesting - hubby loves Apple tea so would love to get him to try this. Will have a google and see where I can get some x

  2. It is quite popular in Russia, and my Mum is rather fond of it. I never acquired a taste for it. I think it might be good with slices of fruit and berries in it and a bit of honey


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