Saturday 13 June 2015

Getting ready to walk - and eat - like an Egyptian !

This month's Kitchen Trotter box has arrived and it will be whisking us off to the land of the pyramids, the sphinx and the pharoahs - in other words, Egypt. I tried to think of traditional Egyptian recipes and ingredients and came up with a big fat zilch - time to see what delights are hidden in the kit !

The first thing I pulled out was a box of date paste (which actually comes from Algeria, but never mind !)

On the left, split fava beans and on the right, Egyptian-style grilled chick peas.

I also found Dukkah, a mixture of crushed walnuts and spices; Molokheya, the powdered form of a spinach-like plant; Taamia spices; dried hibiscus flowers; and, this month's gadget, a Nakache pastry crimper.

Hmmm, I'm intrigued to see what I'll be cooking up with this little lot. Time to investigate !

For the starter, Taamias (Egyptian falafel) and Aishe Batte & Dukkah Bread

The main course is Chicken with Egyptian Molokheya

Kahk (Egyptian Shortbread) for dessert

And to help wash it all down, Karkadeh, made with hibiscus flowers.

I was expecting classic Middle Eastern flavours so I was really pleased to see that I don't recognise any of the ingredients or recipes in this month's box - just the way I like it !

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  1. Those spices look very interesting, haven't tried them before. Looking forward to seeing how you use them.


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