Sunday 14 June 2015

Every day should be national biscuit day !

While I was on my recent work trip to Poland, an email popped into my inbox asking if I'd like a delivery of biscuits to celebrate National Biscuit Day, which was on 29th May. This made me chuckle because I didn't know such a thing existed but I knew the Madhouse kids would think it was a great idea.

Sure enough, Sophie sent me a picture of the selection when it arrived, with a cheeky comment about not being sure there would be any left by the time I got home !

McVitie's also carried out a ‘biscuit census’ to mark the occasion and uncover what people's favourite biscuits reveal about their personalities. According to the poll :

Digestive lovers are most likely to…

Describe themselves as ‘fun-loving’
Watch Hollyoaks
Wish they were a little bit wiser
Cite Frozen’s Elsa as their favourite Disney Character
Invite Cara Delevingne out for a drink

Milk Chocolate Digestive lovers are most likely to …

Go on beach holidays to Spain
Watch Coronation Street
Class themselves as a ‘kind’ person
Live in London
Want to take David Beckham out for a drink

Rich Tea lovers are most likely to …

Head to Paris for culture and romance for their holidays
Describe themselves as shy
Enjoy watching The Only Way Is Essex
Wish they were funnier
Live in East Anglia

Jaffa Cake lovers are most likely to …

Want to go for a drink with Joey Essex
Describe themselves as ‘cheeky’
Watch Geordie Shore
Wish they were more responsible
Claim their favourite dessert is banoffee pie

Hobnob lovers are most likely to …

Be 36 years old
Choose to holiday amongst the bright lights of Las Vegas
Describe themselves as ‘funny’
Invite James Corden for a drink
Watch Eastenders

Ginger Nut lovers are most likely to …

Be female
Wish they were more sophisticated
Most want to hang out with Russell Brand and Adele
Describe themselves as ‘feisty’
Take a trip to Tokyo for their holiday

Fruit Shortcake lovers are most likely to…

Describe themselves as ‘charming’
Choose a ‘staycation’ in the UK over holidays abroad
Watch Neighbours
Wish they were more patient
Live in the North West of England

Not sure how accurate that is but I must admit, I'm rather partial to a Jaffa Cake (or three) myself (and I still do that thing where you eat the chocolate, then the sponge, so that all that is left is a sliver of orange jelly on your tongue !) so I was suitably wowed when this arrived in the post this week. How cool is that ?!

This was to celebrate the launch of the McVitie’s Sweeet Shop which has just opened. You can head to and enter the Sweeet Shop to order a personalised pack of Jaffa Cakes, just in time for Father’s Day... or just get some for yourself !

Disclosure : McVitie's kindly sent through the biscuits as a gift.

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