Friday 5 June 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 5/6/15

As I came back from Poland late on Saturday night (or rather early on Sunday morning), Madhouse Daddy had already done the weekly shop so it seemed a waste of time doing a menu plan. It's been weird scratching around every night without a plan, looking in the fridge to see what could be cobbled together into a meal, even though I used to do it all the time. Definitely time to get back to the menu planning ! It'll be a weird week though as I'll have a late after-school meeting on Tuesday and on Thursday, I'm on a school trip and won't get back until late too.


lunch - fajitas or a trip to McDonald's for a salmon salad

dinner - cod with spicy lentils


lunch - roast dinner - the Madhouse grandparents will be over and we have a leg of lamb in the freezer !

dinner - sandwiches if anyone is hungry


dinner - lamb rogan josh with the leftovers (assuming there are some!) - otherwise twice baked potatoes


dinner - veggie burgers with rice and refried beans (nice and quick if I get in late !)


lunch -  chicken à la normande (with mushrooms & crème fraîche) with mash and green beans

dinner - lasagne


dinner - quiche and salad (as long as I've been organised and made it on Wednesday, as I'm on a school trip)


dinner - cauliflower/broccoli cheese

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  1. Mmm that chicken à la normande sounds delicious. Hope you get some down time as well in amongst all the busyness xx


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