Monday 29 June 2015

Echo Falls Fruit Fusions review

Echo Falls recently sent some bottles of their Fruit Fusion over for us to try out. It is a blend of wine and natural fruit flavours that make it perfect chilled or over ice as a refreshing summer tipple. We received two of the flavours - White Peach and Mango, "a refreshing and tropical white wine with a crisp, smooth finish" and Raspberry and Cassis, "a refreshing yet rich fruity red with red berry and juicy plum flavours" - but there is also a third variety available, Summer Berries, "a sweet fruity rosé with aromas of raspberry and strawberry".

We started off sampling the red Raspberry and Cassis flavour. Madhouse Daddy wasn't keen but he's French so he's a bit of a wine snob ! I thought it was quite drinkable and seemed lighter with a less overpowering aftertaste than most red wine. The tasting notes for this one suggest serving it with tomato based pasta dishes but I think it would also go well with red meat or casserole type dishes with heavy sauces.

The White Peach & Mango one has a lovely pale yellow, straw colour, as you can see in the bottle, and it is very light and fruity. Again, Madhouse Daddy wasn't keen but I think this is more geared towards the female palate. I decided to make it into a nice early evening drink by serving it with pineapple juice, which was nice, but I think it would also be great with something sparkling like lemonade or maybe even ginger beer.

I'm not the only one to think that it's great with mixers. Echo Falls have partnered with one of London’s expert mixologists, Clotilde Lataille, to create three delicious Fruit Fusion cocktail recipes to ensure there is a flavour to suit every sunshine occasion from picnics to garden parties.

Summer Serendipity


70ml Echo Falls Fruit Fusion White Peach & Mango
1 slice of lemon
1 slice of lime
1 slice of grapefruit
1 slice of orange
10ml elderflower cordial 
5ml pomegranate syrup
Crushed ice
Pomegranate seeds and a mint spring to garnish

Slice the citrus fruits into wedges and muddle in a hi-ball glass, add the Fruit Fusions White Peach & Mango, elderflower cordial and crushed ice then stir. Drizzle with pomegranate syrup. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and a mint spring.

Echoes of Pink


50ml Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Summer Berries
25ml raspberry purée
20ml lemon juice
5ml ginger cordial
5ml sugar syrup
20ml egg white
Edible pink glitter to garnish

Mix and shake together all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake again for 2 minutes. Strain cocktail into a chilled coupette glass and sprinkle with edible pink glitter to garnish.

Berry Fabulous Falls


50ml Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Raspberry & Cassis
25ml of cranberry juice
1 tsp of blueberry jam
10ml of lemon juice
5ml cinnamon syrup
Splash of tonic water
Edible flower to garnish

Stir all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and add ice. Shake for 1 minute and strain into a jam jar filled with ice. Add a splash of tonic and garnish with an edible flower to serve.

Echo Falls’ Fruit Fusions range is currently available in Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and selected convenience stores at RRP £5.49 a bottle.

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. I have these to try too - got mine in Iceland on 2 for £9. Have tried the Raspberry and Cassis one and wasn't too keen. Looking forward to the Mango one though x

  2. Oooh I've had my eye on these for a while now and they are good price too. Think I'll have to treat my self seeing them here on your blog x


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