Friday 26 June 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 25/6/15

Unbelievable to think that this is the last week at work before we get 2 months off - wahoo !


lunchprobably a trip to McDonald's where the kids can let off some steam in the soft play, but if we stay at home, Spanish omelette/tortillas

dinner - toasted sandwiches - possibly with spinach and caramelised onion, possibly with beetroot, or I wouldn't be surprised if everyone just wants plain cheese and ham !


lunch - either a roast or a bbq

dinner - leftovers or a sandwich


dinner - Shipsu Pasta - a #readcookeat recipe involving chicken, walnuts and possibly pomegranate


dinner - lasagne or cannelloni


lunch -  Turkish flatbread and fish fritters with salad and rice

dinner - aïoli, a dish from the south of France including garlic mayonnaise with cold potatoes, vegetables, salad and fish (I need to check the exact recipe, or I might just make up my own version depending on what's in the fridge !)


dinner - a #KitchenClearout sachet - maybe Mexican Chicken or Spanish Chicken, with tortilla wraps, rice and salad


dinner - cheesy mince hotpot

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Meal Planning Monday

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  1. we meal plan, but it usually ends up with we eat the same things on the same days, so not much actual planning involved!

  2. The Shipsu pasta sounds great, I like salads and pasta dishes with nuts added. Liking the sound of the Turkish flatbread with fish fritters too, I'm having fish fingers tonight, but I may change them to fritters and spice them up a bit ;)

    Have a great week anyway! ;)

  3. Fish fritters sound very nice. We either have fish fingers or fish pie here. May just have to get some ideas


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