Saturday 27 June 2015

Schwartz Authentic Indian Range review

Schwartz have created a new range of Authentic Indian spice mixes and they sent us some to try out. Whatever your favourite takeaway option, whether you like it mild and creamy or hot and spicy, there's something to suit all tastes with the choice of Balti (ideal with chicken or prawns, medium 2 chilli rating, cook in 25 minutes), Rogan Josh (ideal with chicken or lamb, medium 2 chilli rating, cook in 1 hour), Biryani (ideal with chicken or lamb, medium 2 chilli rating, cook in 30 minutes) and Korma (ideal with chicken or prawns, mild 1 chilli rating, cook in 25 minutes).

I decided to try out the Biryani one first and followed their recipe suggestion, adding chicken, onion, rice, a tin of chopped tomatoes and some frozen peas. As I tipped the contents of the sachet into the pan, I was impressed to see that it has some large flecks of herbs and spices, so it looks more authentic and fresh than anything that would come out of a jar of curry powder.

It was as quick and simple to create as promised and it wasn't too spicy - it had a slight kick so the youngest Madhouse kids didn't like it but Sophie thought it was nice, which shows how mild it was !

We've also tried the Korma one, which is extremely mild and totally kid friendly. I followed the recipe, using chicken and mixing up the sachet with milk to create a creamy sauce. I went a bit freestyle and added in some mushrooms with the chicken then made it fruity by adding some raisins and sliced banana at the end of the cooking time. This one got a thumbs up from the whole family, which is never the case when I use jars of curry sauce, because they find them too spicy.

The seasoning sachets are a great compromise between cooking from scratch and using a ready-made sauce. You don't have to spend ages grinding up whole spices or carefully selecting ingredients from your spice rack but you get a fresher, more delicate flavour than a shop bought jar of curry sauce, which often swamps everything and makes it too sloppy. As the seasoning sachets only cost just over a pound each, even when you factor in the rest of the ingredients, it's definitely a cheaper option than ordering an Indian takeaway and you know exactly what's gone into it.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.08 for a 35g sachet

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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