Sunday 21 June 2015

Madhouse diaries : Pierre's kermesse (end-of-year school fête)

Saturday morning was the kermesse or school fête at Pierre's infant school. Each class puts on a dance and there are stalls lined up around the edges of the playground for the kids to win prizes (and the school PTA to recoup some much needed funds). It's scary to think that this is the last year that I will be dropping kids off at this school. Now that he's almost 6, Pierre is ready to move up to junior school so he'll be in the same school as Juliette for her final year. All three of the Madhouse kids have gone to this school so I've been doing the school run here for a decade in total - it's certainly the end of an era !

We arrived a bit early for Pierre's dance so he had to time to do one of the stalls - an interesting take on an egg-and-spoon race which involved holding the spoon in your mouth, leaving your hands free to walk around the play equipment.

Pierre made it look really easy but all the other kids were dropping the egg left, right and centre !

Even the woman on the stall was impressed and said he was a champion, much to his delight !

Time to drop Pierre off in his classroom and take our seats for his dance.

He spotted us in the front row and smiled shyly !

I decided to record it for posterity - unfortunately we were on the wrong side really but we can see him for most of the time !

I love the way they all held hands to go back inside after taking their bow !

Time for the rest of the games - first stop, throwing bunched up socks at tin cans !

Then quoits which seemed impossible because the rubber rings bounced !

Penalty shoot outs were next.

More orange balls than goldenballs !

A quick bit of hook-a-duck and it was time to head home before the rain !

The kermesse is one of those things that signals the end of the school year - just one more marker that the school holidays are just around the corner. Yay !

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